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Producing over 100+ hours of tabletop RPG streams every month is a ton of work. Much as we love sharing our games with all of you for its own sake, we simply couldn’t put on this show on this scale without your support. Every dollar of your support helps a great deal towards our pre-production, streaming, editing, and online work.

How you can help!

Live-Stream Pledge Donations
EncounterRoleplay is extremely grateful for all donations made during our live shows. This voluntary support makes up a big part of how we cover our costs. For this reason, we ensure that all donations from our viewers are put immediately towards your desired contribution to our in-game stories. So, check out how you can play along with us live during our streams!

£1: Inspired! Give a PC or Enemy Inspiration!
£3: DEM CRITS! Make a PC or NPC Roll a Nat 20 or Nat 1!
£5: Wild Magic! Make a Player Roll on the d10,000 Wild Magic Surge Table! or Name an NPC to join the game!
£10: Magic Item Gift! Make a Player Roll on the Magic Items Table, the Player receives your gift!
£20: Magical Mount! Give a Player a special Magical Mount of your choosing! Be sure to Name it!
£30: Gifts All Around! All of the Players receive a Christmas gift!
£50: GO MAD! Decide ANYTHING that happens in our campaign, the only limit is your imagination!


Our Patreon is a great way for our community to show their support of our work and for us to give back! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Patreon, it’s a form of monthly subscription support with no fixed term commitments. For as little as one dollar a month you can help contribute directly to the success of our show. In return, you can earn some awesome personal rewards from us! We are also proud to send out a monthly Patreon newsletters to all our supporters to keep them up to date on exclusive news, future plans, and what’s been going on behind the scenes. So, if you’ve got any spare loot, and you like tuning in to our shows, check out our Patreon today!

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