Cherno (Chaódis)

Name: Cherno (Chaódis)
Player: Cherno
Details: Human, Male, 149, Thief (Sorcerer/Ranger)
Concept: A man who strives to be an adventurerPersonality He is a jokester who almost never takes anything seriously, most of the time though… He is a strange boy, sometimes unpredictable, he can turn very serious when someone threatens him or someone close to him. Despite being treated like a blown into tissue, he still keeps up his happy go lucky attitude, though when pushed to the edge, he can be a little psycho. In other words, he has a warm personality, as well as extreme mood swings.

Appearance: Cherno is an average looking young man, standing at 5ft9. He has an average figure with clear skin, red eyes and white/light blue hair, because of his appearance, people tend to stay away from him, depending on which village he gets brought to steal from though.He is commonly seen with a slightly torn sweater, and rolled up jeans

Abilities: Because of his experience with thievery ,Cherno is able to trick others and be able to confuse his opponents, like persuading others, he has tried intimidating, but he has failed horrible at the time. With picklocking as one of his primary skills, he has been able to get through chests, doors, etc, which has saved him during many occasions

Heritage: He never new much about his family. Cherno was an orphan, he was adopted by a rich man, in which he hoped he was going to have a bright future only to be turned into a slave/thief a week later.On the first day he had to steal something, or else be tortured by the master. Although soon later he has sneaked through the rooms and their contents, in which there was no torture chamber in sight, over the past several weeks been able to have some free time because he is allowed only half a day. In the end he will have to bring at least 3 items consisting of 25 gold, if not, he will be shoved out of the household and apparently arrested due to his past thievery as a second threat. This was after the master saw his shadows in the night. (In his fears, being arrested meant being, executed) He has been able to escape soon later, his usual white hair was dyed into a light blue using blueberries. Then hid in the woods for 2 weeks. After stumbling across the trees, he was able to find a small fishing village beside a lake. He walked towards it, hoping for a better future.

His family heritage comes from the line of Chaódis, who excel in enhancing items, even items that aren’t supposed to be enchanted, currently he’s one of the last of his kind, and he is left with the family’s heirloom, the Lepida. Before his parents died, they enchanted their son with longevity, due to the magic coming from a blue Phoenix, this has a slight side affect. Every 130-150 years, for the latest reincarnation, he reset at 131, so his physical and mental age which he believes to be 18, sometimes, he even reincarnates at the wrong time. He looses almost (if not all) his memories, and his body disintegrates, to be reincarnated into the next, same soul, different body. He has left a stash of memories in a hidden place in his past life. (Of course he has forgotten fully of this, and is only left with an unknown urge to find something special, with no directions, and no reason)

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