Custos Maledictio

Name: Custos Maledictio

Player: GruntComm(Shawn)

Details: Aasimar,Male,29,Paladin

Deity: Morzon Braveheart



His hair is a rough and rugged texture having gone through years of hardship whilst in battle and washed by lake water though it kept its golden glow. His eyes would be pure white with a soft white hue around them. His face would be damaged from many scars and close encounters to death. One prominent being along his right cheek to his jawline. He wore armorclad in white polish, silver chain mail underneath and golden trimmings along the fine edges. He looked to be prepared for ceremonial practices but this was in fact his battle armor given to the Knights of the Aureus Ordo.


Heavy armour, Longsword, short sword, a single javelin upon his back.


Loyal, Noble,Monotone,Respectful,Wise

He can been seen as a racist towards certain races Demons/Undead/Witches/Dark sorcerers etc.

He is monotone and very serious, chooses to show less emotion as it can be used as an advantage.

Faults: Judgemental, Merciless,Distant,Dangerous,Vengeful,Stubborn


Mission in the mortal world

” Custos grow where they have welted, illuminate where darkness consumed and be the source of fear the darkness and its followers failed to come across for so long..That is the Keepers Curse..And your mission”

Froms years on intensive training under the guise of the Higher Council. His mind,body and spirit was strengthened against the many things he would come across in the very large, and extensive world.

Mentality He sees Darkness as a plague, He was taught to see all who welcome it to their soul as “Tainted” by this darkness, and the ultimatum that has been buried so deep into him is only death. This in turn forced a child to develop a indepth hatred to evil as a whole no matter its size, age or appearance.



Father-Kenshi Maledictio



Upon birth his father would immediately take him from his mother for a life of training. His childhood was full of beatings, fighting,reading, and sacrifice. Custos did not have a regular childhood.


Advanced Swordsmanship, Advanced Hand to hand combat, Increased Stamina, Vast knowledge of Languages from voyages.

Background: Trained as a child immediately from birth to become a weapon for the higher council, After birth he was immediately forced into a life of discipline nobility and warriorship.  Trained by his father and Elders he learned how to effectively understand the human physiology and psychology. He first learned how to strengthen mind, being beaten and abused over and over for the first 5 years of his life. He would be ignored for his wants and given his basic needs for survival. Teachings in languages stemmed from Celestials who lasted hundreds of years traveling across the world to learn human culture and literacy. His first given weapon was his mind and he will rely on that time and time again. The next 5 years was his swordsmanship and deceptive techniques, Learning to utilize the Longsword,shortsword and dagger effectively as another extension of his body. Learning how to take advantage with each stance, walk and strike as if at all times he was fighting. The final 5 years among the heavens were used for flying and detailed instruction on killing beasts/followers of darkness to the point anybody and anything that was “tainted” was seen as only a prey. On his 15th birthday he was descended onto the mortal world by his father in a great radiant light only armed with his mind and physical attributes. This is when he joined a order of descended Aasimar.

His Culture

He descended within a normal human village, safeguarded by the village as its guardian until retrieved by the Aureus Ordo. Primus Pilus Rowan Takinoshiro was his mentor until the age of 20.

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