Miyu Nakano

Name:  Miyu Nakano

Player: Voidwarrior

Details: Human, female, Age: 25, Female.

Concept: Female Samurai/Shinobi with minor illusion magic powers.

Personality:  Calm, and where possible she attempts to be elegant. Preferring not to pick a fight unless it’s for friendly sparring purposes or to help somebody train and improve. She’s also prideful, leading to her sometimes being stubborn

Appearance: Miyu usually wears a black furisode with red roses as the pattern. Underneath she wears leather armour so she is lightweight, keeping her katana on her waist belt in its sheathe. She has black hair that goes just below her shoulders and brown eyes, she keeps her shinobi outfit on under her furisode, to avoid people noticing easily.

Abilities:  Using her shinobi skills, she can be agile and nimble, scaling walls quickly where possible, always on the lookout for a stealthy approach, however her samurai side allows her to be a good combatant on a one on one, and her stubborn pride sometimes leads to her never backing down from a fight she’s losing, usually escaping when she has no choice due to her shinobi side. She also can do illusion styled magic, such as making decoys or fog.

Family: Her father was a samurai, diligently guarding a shogun’s province from any harm. Her mother was an Kunoichi (female shinobi/ninja)
Her Mother, to the samurai culture. Was simply looked upon as a female samurai, not knowing of her shinobi side. Her father and mother got on considerably well as her mother was neutral to the samurai regime, even wondering why the two could simply not combine forces.

childhood: She spent her time as well as she believed she could, training to use weapons such as her katana through kendo, and her mother showed her the stealthier ways of being a shinobi. Miyu however, was not allowed to use her shinobi skills unless it was needed as a last resort or if nobody who opposed the shinobi’s/ninjas were present.

Equipment: a pouch of healing and poison antidote vials

Katana and a crimson coloured dagger
Throwing Knives and Shuriken’s
Smoke Bombs
the essentials such as food and water.

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