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SUNDAY – On Hiatus

Dungeons & Dragons Prep
1pm EST/6pm GMT: Will shows you his prep work and writes campaigns!
D&D5E: Table Talk
4pm EST/9pm GMT: D&D Discussions & Chat Show with guests!


D&D5E: Beginners Play D&D / Lost Mines of Phandelver
1pm EST/6pm GMT: The Party enter the Lost Mines!
D&D5E: Journey Through Middle Earth
4pm EST/9pm GMT: A Long running, more serious campaign set in Middle Earth.


D&D5E: Wilderland Adventures
12pm EST/5pm GMT: Will plays Robart Staunton on Arvan Eleron’s channel.
D&D5E: The Long March
4pm EST/9pm GMT: The time of the Triumvirate is nigh.


Call of Cthulhu: Horror on the Orient Express
1pm EST/6pm GMT: The Search for the Sedefkar Simulacrum leads the investigators across Europe and into Insanity.
D&D5E: Tales From the Yawning Portal:
4pm EST/9pm GMT: The Yawning Portal leads a band of adventures across tombs from the ages.

THURSDAY – Community Night

D&D5E: The Excavation of Taavor
1pm EST/6pm GMT: A journey across Faerun, uncovering the secrets of Taavor.
D&D5E: Tricks of the Trade
4pm EST/9pm GMT: We play with Players from Chat, featuring new guests every week! Join in here!


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