The Fasting Worm at the Spider Feast

Eons ago, the demon lord Shomarrah defamed Lolth the Spider Queen, condemning herself into the cursed life of a massive purple worm. Now Shomarrah’s desecrated body serves as a drow fortress, guarded by a mad sorcerer and his team of driders. What deeper evils lie within?

“The Fasting Worm at the Spider Feast” is a D&D5E module for level 8 characters. Great for new DMs or for those who want a quick session with no prep, this module comes complete with everything you’ll need: narrative text to be read to the players, background text for the DM, full stat-blocks for all monsters and NPCs, and detailed encounter maps! This module is HERE available on the DMGuild.

This module was written by our good friend Rem over at Insomniacs Ink. You can check out his other projects over at!

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