2017 Announcements!

Hey Gents & Scholars!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to catch you all up on what’s been going on this Month on the Show & to let you know lots of exciting news that’s coming for the New Year! 2017 is going to be a huge year for EncounterRoleplay. I’ve taken on 100+ pieces of Feedback from the Feedback Form and set to making lots of changes.

1.) More serious and long running campaigns

With some incredibly powerful Roleplay moments recently, I decided to open a few shows dedicated to just that. We have an all star crew playing on Mondays at 4pm for ‘Age of the Awoken’ & a new Show slot opening on Sundays at 9pm EST with ‘The Luskan Almanac’ to cater to our overseas viewers. Our new Horror shows ‘The Drowned Isles’ & ‘The Hive’ will both have more mature themes. Expect our usual humour in most shows though! See the full list of new Shows here!


2.) Every Character Sheet Downloadable 

We’re giving you full access to every single Character sheet from our 2017 Shows. You can see Race/Class/HP/Items for yourself with the ease of a single click, and Download the PDF for free also. Now you’ll always be able to find out everything about a character, whenever you want to! You’ll be able to find all of the Character Sheets here!


3.) Beautiful New Overlays 

Every single show is going to have a sexy custom overlay created by the talented Flip, so expect to see production quality shoot through the roof. A very early draft can be seen below.

Early Draft of an Overlay!

4.) Better Youtube & Website Content

But wait, there’s more! You might have heard that I’ve hired both a Video Editor & Website Manager, so now all of our Youtube videos have beautiful editing. We’re going to be pushing out more regular and ambitious content on both Youtube & the Website also (*cough* Kickstarter? *cough*). Stay tuned for more on that!


5.) New Podcasts

With the success of Adventurers Anonymous I’ve found a new love for Podcasting, and so myself & a few friends you might recognise are launching a Monthly show in which we’ll tackle your questions and topics! ‘Roll for Podcast’ is going to be a D&D Advice Podcast!


6.) 24 Hour D&D Streams

After having completed FIFTEEN 24 Hour Streams, I’m going to take it a little easier in 2017. They’re a huge commitment, organisational effort, and tax on my health. I’ll still be doing them, just not every single Month! We’ll set Goals, and when we meet them, we’ll get our 24 on!


7.) It’s FREE!

Keeping the Show free for everyone (in all aspects) is something I strongly believe in, and your continued support is what makes that possible. You won’t have to pay a single dime of your hard earned cash for any EncounterRoleplay content.

Thank you again for a great Month & Year, I’m so excited for 2017 as I look back on this year of streaming very fondly. Join me on NYE for a Celebration stream, I’ll be your New Year’s Kiss. Kappa. I hope to continue our adventures for many years to come!

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