PC: Filluda

Name: Filluda (Captain)
Player: Siniscarr
Race: Asura
Class: Fighter
Details: Female, mid thirties, researcher/daredevil

Standing at roughly 2’11”, Filluda is rather short even for an Asura. Her hair reaches just to the base of her neck, and her eyes are a stark black all the way around. Her skin is an average shade of grey with some lighter patterns placed in various areas along her face and torso. Though her ears may seem droopy and lop-like, they perk up and point upwards whenever Filluda shows curiosity, interest, or any strong emotion such as excitement or anger. Her clothes resemble that of almost an armored labcoat with matching stoney white pants, gloves, boots, and glasses. The coat itself sports patterns of wings near its base and reaching up and around towards the back of the waist area. Besides her usual note taking tools, Filluda carries with her at all times her staff. It is an expertly crafted staff made out of a dark hickory wood with iron inlays at either side and across the shaft itself.

Filluda is a friendly, happy, caring individual who seeks out only three things in life: knowledge, unfound discoveries, and companionship. Those three things dictate heavily her interactions with others, though she often has trouble deciding whether knowledge or relationships should take priority in her life.


Filluda’s friendly flying friend is a fruit bat named King. He normally hangs around on Filluda’s back, arms, or head, which leaves her hair in a mess most of the time, but it isn’t uncommon for him to flutter around nearby Filluda or pay a friendly visit to those he feels comfortable around.

Magic Items

Gloves: Filluda sports a very special pair of gloves which she keeps with her at all times, and holds very dear. Her first ever creation after graduating from the Asuran College of Dynamics, the gloves are imbued with a special kind of magic which allows her to project images up to 20 ft in size in any direction directly from her palm. These images can take shape in a variety of sizes and colors, and are entirely linked to Filluda’s mind itself. The images are projections of her thoughts manifested as projected images. They cannot take an actual physical form, and are merely 3D projections which can sometimes look incredibly real.

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