Nicolas “Nico” Brown

Name: Nicolas “Nico” Brown
Player: TheKingNappy
Details: Human, Male, Mid 30s, Paladin

Appearance/Equipment: Nicolas is a light skinned male, who has short spiky black hair with bangs that are brushed to the right, and dark eyes. He also has a lean yet muscular body, with a large scar that runs diagonally from the center of his abdomen to his right thigh, as well as numerous small ones all over his body. He has a insignia/tribal tattoo across his upper back, extending to both shoulders. Compared to many people he has met Nic is quite short, which partly has to do with him being half-Asian. He carries a sharp and insanely durable Katana as his weapon. He prefers this instead of the giant swords that normal Paladins usually use. The blade he uses is easily durable and strong shown by earlier fights in his life where he has smashed Axes,Knives, Swords, and Kukris.

Personality: Nic is mostly quiet and aloof even from people he likes. Occasionally he speaks out of irritation or when someone isn’t able to understand sign language, but largely he doesn’t bother to accommodate people who can’t communicate with him. Though frequently irritable, he’s also capable of small acts of kindness, such as playing with little kids or helping the elderly when they are shaking too badly to even open their medication. He likes to pick on people and has a dark and sarcastic sense of humor. He also seems to enjoy fighting, as he often is seen smiling while in combat, a sadistic side of him which seems to accompany his thrill for blood. When fighting people weaker than himself, he is shown to toy with them for a while before finishing them. Despite that, Nicolas cares for those close to him. such as his friends and especially his Gods. He also doesn’t seem to be the type to hold grudges against others, as he accepted many people in the past as a friend despite their brutal fights.

Disability: Nicolas has the disability of not being able to hear. Though he has learned how to speak and use sign language he rarely even speaks since he doesn’t like it. He says it uses a lot of energy but he mostly reads the lips of others so many people don’t need to know sign language.

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