NPC: The One Eyed Man

Name: The One Eyed Man
Race: Elf
Age: ?
Class: Alchemist
Profession: Alchemist, Acquirer of Oddities, Smuggler, Spy, Shop hand.

Appearance: The one eyed man is an old alchemist and renowned shady figure in the Underdark of Calita. He is stooped and has He can source materials, people, artifacts, maps and narcotics among many other things. He has never told anyone his name, but supposedly Garrett discovered what it was. He is informal, rude, takes little seriously and is a criminal through and through. Despite himself, he has a serious side and a creative knack for solving solutions. Often with solvent solutions.

Roll in the shop: Sells oddities, artifacts, maps and arcane items, sells illegal items to the trusted few.

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