PC: Maona

Twitch Handle: Goodguypie
Discord: GoodGuySenPie.
Name: Maona
Details: Years of age,29
Class: Sorcerer Wild magic

Maona has long flowing black hair which covers the left side of her face. Her right eye has a small burn mark across it but the left side of her face is nearly completely burnt and scarred. Her eyes themselves are a deep blue but surrounded by bloodshot white and in the centre is a dilated pupil. Her lips are chapped and cracked. Her ears are slightly pointed but her left one is burnt along with her face.

Maona Body is borderline unhealthy skinny her skin that isn’t burnt is a ghostly white. She stands at 5”4’,

She dawns a patchy poorly stitched brown cloth dress they are accompanied by some disastrous looking leather shoes. With her she has a brown leather satchel with many sheets of papers on and ideas of play in and on her back a brown bag the stores any useful things for travel.

Daughter of a moon elf male (Senenam) who worked in a library bring back the interesting book or two for young Maona. Her mother is a human female (Carol) was a housewife who kept the small home they had clean.

Maona spent most of her time at home being taught by her mother to live as normal life as possible because as a fate would have it she was born with innate magic which swayed within in her that could randomly burst out. At first is was minor and less dangerous magic but as Maona grew in age so did the level of danger of her magic so she left to find her own place. Well the struggles of her innate magic made day to day life harder than for most she managed to find a talent in play writing she even got one published which was received quite well within Cortea the city in which she resided. Luck is a cruel thing as Maona found out. A package with a golden quill within was sent to her. Mail and gifts weren’t unusual for her she didn’t get much but still it was a nice gesture for her. This Quill tho was not what it seemed when Maona wrote with it she formed lined and stories which were well crafted near masterpieces but as she used it the innate magic within her she could feel being drained from her not only that but her mind itself became obsessed with this quill and its powers her mind delved into a world of well crafted language and seeing the world in a whole new way that no one else could possibly start to think like. This quill drove her to seclusion she began to spend her time writing page after page but eventually her magic caused a massive fire destroying her home, body and works along with the cursed quill .

She was forced to out of life of separation from the world and the longer she spent in the world the more her twisted mind saw opportunities of ideas and beauty a person being killed on the street was not a crime to her but a tragedy a play a act to be written about and performed but she needed more so she followed a small rumor of adventures and a small tavern that harbored them so she did some digging and found more information about the The Gilded Galgatron she decides to take what money she had left from her successful play and requested help from her father with funding her endeavor. So once the money was sent to bobby and she had gained the confirmation she set off with a cavern to transport what ever books she salvaged and the many notes she made waiting and the many she will make on the way to the tavern.

Maona at first seems like a eccentric playwright but the longer people are exposed to her they see that she is almost insensitive to fear or atrocities for she sees them in the light of a play she seems that all connection on any kind of relationship is in light of her masterpiece a character in the script as it was. This leads to her being insensitive to others feelings since she only see someone’s emotions as a plot point or a story she can not separate the play from reality.

Maona goal is unclear in the eyes of others but all she can explain to be is the creation of her master piece a play that will embed itself in history and be remembered for years to come.

Permanent Room:
The Room Maona has brought earlier before her arrival and many books and bookshelves were sent to The Gilded Galgatron she also sent a black desk that has multiple places to store more papers the only other object which was sent into the tavern before hand was a simple hay bed. The room is laid out so that all the bookshelves surrounded the desk and leave only enough space for Maona to slip in and out of. She keep a large area of the room empty allowing her full movement potential well being inspired the bed is located under the window so she can wake up to the sound of the world which she tries so hard to capture.

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