6,000 Followers Hit!

Well folks, it’s happened! During the 12th official 24 hour stream, the Encounter Roleplay channel hit 6,000 followers. This makes a monumental occasion because in the previous 24 hour stream in July, the ERP channel hit 5,000 followers.

1,000 followers in only one month? I don’t think there are enough pearls to clutch for that benchmark!

In all honesty, even though the ERP team hit around 80 subscribers in about a month, 200 new followers in the 12th 24 hour stream alone, and smashed the donation goal out of the park, one of the shining accomplishments comes from the realization that we actually made it through one full year of monthly 24 hour streams.

What goes into a 24 hour stream, you may ask?

First off, a 24 hour stream is essentially eight sessions long, each one broken down into 3 hour segments. At roughly 4 players (not including Will) per session, you’re looking at nearly 30 or so individuals that the organizer needs to contact, confirm playtime, and get situated with rules/needs. The dungeon masters for these segments also put in a little extra work by drawing out their plans and setting up Roll20 pages. Also, there’s that funny little variable where the Twitch chat can completely overthrow any inlaid plans with their hijinks and donations. Fortunately, anyone who has sat behind the scenes on Encounter Roleplay knows how to roll with these everchanging tides of internet mayhem, bringing forth countless laughable moments that viewers will remember in later viewings. Sometimes, you just can’t stop the memes.

So with that being said, here’s to 7,000 and the start of another year of 24 hour streams. If the pattern is any indicator, we’ll hit that 7,000 mark sometime next 24 hour session!

One thought on “6,000 Followers Hit!

  • 31st August 2016 at 11:42 pm

    Congrats Will and the ERP team.

    A much deserved milestone. You guys work hard and I’m impressed by the number of shows you put out.

    It’s a shame I don’t get chance to watch more of you!

    All the best with the rise to 7,000 subscribers and beyond 🙂


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