A Tinker’s Tail

A Tinker’s Tail streams live on Twitch Thursdays, 1-4pm EST.

Saltvault is a lush green mining town nestled in the middle of several hills, some of which have been used as mines. It is renowned for its white quartz – also known as ‘Salt’ – and relies on it for its main export. Despite its flowery and beautiful exterior, it has high criminal activity. In one of the disused mines is the biggest black market in Faerun – yet everyone seems to be completely unaware of it…


Douglas Templeton (Will) – Human, Fighter, lvl 4
Rennart Page (Askren) – Human, Rogue, lvl 4
Daelon Oakbrewer (TrainsyTV) – Dwarf, Monk, lvl 4

Session 1
It’s market day in Saltvault, and all the townsfolk bring out their homemade goods to sell. Douglas, Rennert and Daelon are greeted by the inhabitants, all glossy-eyed and smiling. “Have a sweet day!” they all insist. The three meet in the knowledge that something is not quite right here and they’re the only ones not having a sweet day.

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