Adventure Hook: Madness of the Mind’s Eye

A plot hook designed for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition.

By Mark-Alexander Cross

In the works of the Cthulhu Mythos I have always asked myself the question of who are the true monsters? Is it the otherworldly creatures that creep into our reality, who torment and drive us to insanity, or is the greatest evil the lost mind whose eyes see and bring to life what is not really there?

This hook is a Cthulhu game that is not a Cthulhu case: your goal as keeper is to drive your detectives to madness through the power of their mind’s eye and imagination.

Number of Players: 2-6  Time Setting: Modern Day

The Setting

Play the game in any location you wish but the present day with our level of technology, often used to disprove the supernatural, is a good catalyst for this case.

Assemble your detectives at their usual starting location and read this aloud:

“A shit pile case has come across your desks and you know what that means; another hand-me-down investigation that the police either could not solve or could not be bothered due to low priority. The pay for this work is next to nothing but it will keep the bills paid and the lights on, however as you look over the file you soon discover why the detectives in the force were having trouble.”

The files contains the following information:

      • Seven youths aged 19 to 25, were found dead at a local nightclub called “The Spider Web” about three years ago.
      • The case was publicly written off as solved via mass suicide due to drug overdose and influence via a website commonly visited by the victims known as “The Path Web”.
      • The case went unsolved. There were no indication of drugs in their systems and no cause of death could be found.
      • According to eye witness’ and the club’s owner; a Mr. Taylor Sinclair, the youths simply seemed to drop dead while dancing to a popular music track of the time called “White Noise of the Soul”.
      • The victims did frequently visit “The Path Web” website, which claims to help people open their mind’s eye to the world around them.
      • The most infamous part of the site is the forums which holds accounts of seeing strange things in the sky, to people’s faces in the street changing and the general hypocrisy of today’s society.

So why not a Cthulhu case?

Your investigators are expecting one, and if you want to honestly take this hook and turn into a supernatural plot feel free but I find if you take the Cthulhu Mythos with all its elements and turn it on its head, you can unleash the horror within people.

Use aspects, monsters and the madness of the mythos to drive your players to insanity by making them see what is not actually there. For example, the murderer (if there is one) is so obsessed with cult like belief that they are acting out and simulating the otherworldly powers, elder gods and monsters. Maybe they believe they are actually agents of these forces and are bringing them into the real world by doing their will.

Hopefully you can read what I am trying to hook here and turn it into a case where people themselves can potentially be the greatest monsters of all… a true Cthulhu Mythos from a certain point of view.

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