Adventure! – The Telling book

Adventure! – The Telling Book

Excuses to be heroic make up the breadth of most adventurers’ lives. When you run low on inspiration, Adventure! is here to help with interesting plot hooks for your game.
By Stryder Heap    Twitter


The party has arrived precisely where their contact has told them to meet.. Right?

Our fearless adventurers are supposed to be meeting an acquaintance named Rowley Nimbleknob to discuss, what Rowley called in his letter, “A matter of untold riches and ultimate evil!” Rowley’s directions however have led the heroes to a small restaurant in the rich part of town: hardly the place to be discussing ultimate evil.

The smell of decadent syrup cakes and aromatic tea permeates the air in the stuffy, humid cafe. An old man sitting in a corner table waves ecstatically at the sight of the adventurers. Any character who has met Rowley in the past can easily recognize him by the vibrant white of his beard.

Rowley wastes no time in explaining the “ultimate evil” once the heroes are seated. He has placed an ornate lockbox on the table. Opening the lid reveals a series of holy symbols and enchantments to, in his words, “stop the evil from seeping out.” Reaching past these Rowley produces, from inside the box, a small leather bound journal. It is small and unassuming. Rowley refuses to touch the book himself, and moves it around using utensils provided by the restaurant.

It is important to note that no evil seems to be coming from the book at any point. The book is in fact completely neutral.

If at any point a character comments that the journal doesn’t look dangerous, Rowley will open it, clumsily with a spoon. Words appear on the page as the conversation continues, an elegant flowing script penned in front of the party’s eyes. The words read: “The foolish old man was considering ordering his third plate of griddle cakes, but even he knew that was a stupid idea.”
The book then proceeds to write about the party, using each character’s name, describing them as “having no idea what they were about to get themselves into.”

Rowley grumbles and closes the book quickly. He confides in the party that this is a Chronicler. A magical book that writes down that which happens around it. He needs this particular one taken to the Grand Cleric in a distant land because this Chronicler is broken, but nothing can destroy it. Sources holy, nor arcane. He even tried to burn it!

“It has developed a mind of its own!” Rowley yells. “In fact, rumor has it, that this book can bend reality to its will. Any time the book starts getting ‘bored’ it will try to make the story it is writing more interesting.”

“This book is in fact the cause of dragon attacks, wars, sales at the market and even turned its last owner into a kitten!”

He will offer the party whatever they wish if they promise to take it to the Grand Cleric to have it destroyed. Rowley’s tales are tall, but certainly these rumors are nothing more than fanciful stories… Right?

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