Age of the Necromancer Episode 1 Recap

Age of the Necromancer Episode 1 Recap

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  • Episode 1

In the few weeks that have passed since the party’s victory over the giant snake leader of the Yuan-ti in the mines, Phandalin has been reclaimed and partially restored by the resistance, led by Duncan and Sildar Hallwinter and the party.

Having decided to find the friends he left behind in Waterdeep, Nate bids a late night farewell to a restless Georgie and leaves letters for Lianna and Oberon. In the morning, the ladies fetch Oberon for breakfast and overhear him seemingly talking to himself. In reality, he is becoming acquainted with his new fiendish patron.

At breakfast, the party meet their latest recruit: the last of the Knights of Tempus and an old acquaintance of Georgie’s: Dante Gladstone VII, the second son of a noble house from Waterdeep. He narrowly survived the initial siege by the Yuan-ti. His older brother Edward was mortally wounded there, and Dante had to put him out of his misery. Duncan asks the party to go on a reconnaissance mission to Waterdeep. The Yuan-ti have apparently left, and Duncan thinks it may be ripe for the retaking.

As the party gets acquainted with Dante, a commotion erupts outside. A massive murder of crows and ravens from the north descend onto Phandalin, pecking out the eyes of anyone who remains in the streets after the party’s shouts of warnings. The birds feed on the fallen corpses. After a few minutes, some of the birds begin to regurgitate the flesh they’ve consumed. The remains seem to animate and coalesce, eventually forming into the shape of a small child. It warns the party to stay away from Waterdeep, which it calls “their” city filled with “their people.” The party intuit that this is part of the reason the Yuan-ti have vacated Waterdeep. The child and birds leave before the party can respond.

Of course, they decide to ignore the warning.  They meet with Duncan and Sildar in an empty room in the manor, which Sildar has fashioned into a baby nursery much to the shock of the party, especially Georgie. Oberon’s new patron tells him that he can ferry the party directly into the city via a portal. Although they’re wary, they agree to make preparations to leave. Lianna haggles with Nori Rockseeker for some potions. Georgie and Dante catch up over drinks with Oberon eventually joining them after talking with Droop, the goblin, and becoming better acquainted with Jikzhar, his patron. Eona takes time to pray to her god Ilmater, who, at long last, speaks to her and urges her to head to Luskan to resume her sacred duties. After dancing around the subject the next morning, Eona reveals to the party that she must leave them. Eona and Oberon exchange amulets of their patrons with each other, and the party bid tearful farewells.

Oberon’s patron summons the portal, and the remaining party members step through into Georgie’s family’s old manor. However, when they emerge, Oberon looks around at the people around him and cannot remember who they are…

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