Age of the Necromancer Episode 2 Recap

Age of the Necromancer Episode 2 Recap

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  • Episode 2

Appearing in a pantry in Georgie’s family estate, the party is confronted by a firbolg in the process of looting the house. He introduces himself as Sinda’narin, but the party is distracted by Oberon’s new bout of amnesia. Georgie finds some of her family’s personal belongings and a small silver key that she doesn’t recognize. Sinda’narin suggests they head underground where the party’s old ally Six-Fingers has taken refuge with other survivors in Waterdeep. The party first head to Dante’s family estate and find the corpse of his brother Edward is missing. The Gladstone family has a passage under the city. Sinda’narin picks the intricate lock. After the others descend, Georgie compares the key she found to the lock – a perfect fit.

When the party reunites with Six-Fingers, he tells them that an aura of dark energy is coming from the Temple District. He suggests they investigate. On the way, he gives his condolences to Georgie. He sent men to help her family during the initial attack, but they were too late. The party emerges in a graveyard, the plots of which have been recently disturbed.  Lianna transforms into a crow and passes over the temples. She spies thousands of the flesh-eating crows nesting on the roofs and, most disturbingly, a mountain of pulsing flesh that seems to be growing. When she reports back, the party realizes where all the bodies in the graves have gone.

They discuss options for cleansing the area of this abomination since they can’t do it alone. Dante suggests the Knights of Tempus may be useful, although they likely defected to the Yuan-ti. They may be able to perform a large-scale consecration. They were last seen in the Yuan-ti slave mines in Luskan where the party’s ally Eona was headed. As Oberon and his patron Jikzhar prepare to transport the party back to Phandalin, Dante hones in on the fiendish presence emanating from Oberon. He confides this in Georgie as they pass through the portal.

Along with Six-Fingers, Sinda’narin, and a few more refugees, they all arrive back in Phandalin, but the portal won’t close. Jikzhar tells Oberon that someone in Waterdeep wrested control of it, but Oberon plays it off as part of a plan. Dante and Lianna attempt to barricade it while Georgie, Six-Fingers, and Sinda’narin report to Duncan who has disturbing news for them: four house-sized mounds of flesh roam the streets of Phandalin along with sporadic flocks of crows. In an act of impulse, Oberon storms outside to burn the mounds, but even his fiendish fire seems to have little effect as a mound spews acid at him in retaliation.

Oberon barters with Jikzhar to send the group straight to Luskan. In return, the fiend wants a set of magical bracers from a museum of magic. Oberon agrees. Sinda’narin asks after a woman he’s searching for but does not find her. Georgie reunites with Sildar – they’re working on their communication skills.  Soon after, the group decides to have an intervention for Oberon. After he quips about Dante’s “mercy” slaying of his brother Edward, Dante channels his god’s divinity to menace Oberon until Lianna counters this with a charm of her own. At that very moment, a disturbing sound rings out from the open, unguarded portal in Oberon’s room…

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