Age of the Necromancer Episode 3 Recap

Age of the Necromancer Episode 3 Recap

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  • Episode 3

The party’s assault on each other is halted by the noise from upstairs. They rush to Oberon’s room to find one of the fleshy masses moving through the open portal to Waterdeep. The party is able to collectively force it back. Oberon’s fiendish patron Jikzhar advises Oberon to destroy the portal using magical energy. Although this works, Oberon’s spells seem to backfire on him, and afterwards, they advise Duncan to evacuate Phandalin, as there are still other mounds and crows on the outskirts of town. They prepare to follow their original plan to find the Knights of Tempus in Luskan, which may still be ruled by the Yuan-ti. Georgie finds her still traumatized mother and asks her about the silver key that connects the Whitmore and Gladstone families. Her mother seems disturbed, but Georgie doesn’t press it further. She asks Six-Fingers to watch over her mother since he is staying with the refugees and Duncan. The party, along with Sildar and their new ally Sinda’narin, meet up again at the mines, things still tense between Oberon and Dante.

The party descends into the mines so Oberon can open a portal to Luskan in relative safely. Jikzhar confides to Oberon that both of them are strongest near the magma-filled cavern where the party killed the giant snake. They step through yet another portal right into a house filled with Yuan-ti. Fortunately, the party’s entrance is very unexpected, and they make quick work of the snake folk. However, nearby Yuan-ti guards hear the combat, and the party is barely able to escape onto the rooftops and down into an abandoned house basement where they meet two enslaved humans in hiding: Barrion and Kayra. Dante convinces them to assist the party. The couple speaks of a resistance movement centered in the noble district to the west and of an enslaved paladin of Tempus near the docks to the East. Dante promises to lead the two civilians out of town after the party achieves their goal.

After a rest, the party decides to head west to meet with the local resistance in order to help the people of Luskan before seeking out the paladin, but Oberon has his own priorities. As they pass the Museum of Magicks, Jikzhar reminds Oberon of his agreement to fetch a pair of magical bracers as repayment for opening the portals. Oberon persuades the party (except for Dante) to enter the museum to gather items and increase their chance of success in their mission. Oberon distracts most of the Yuan-ti guards and charms the remaining one. The party is able to access the museum with ease thanks to Lianna’s keen eyes. The four inside find a crossbow etched with fire runes, a glowing quarterstaff, a bag of magic beans, and the bracers of which Jikzhar spoke. Sinda’narin and Georgie retrieve them without setting off any alarms or traps. As they leave, Dante reprimands them harshly for wasting time and endangering Barrion and Kayra by leaving them out in the open. As they continue to their destination, they are too distracted by their shiny new items to notice the crossbow-wielding, hooded figures on the rooftops above. To the shock of the party, their leader reveals himself to be Thaddeus Yinth, who they were told died in the Yuan-ti’s initial assault in the mines.

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