Age of the Necromancer Episode 4 Recap

Age of the Necromancer Episode 4 Recap

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  • Episode 4

After some convincing, the now deformed Thaddeus Yinth, son of the party’s former nemesis Oscar Yinth, allows the party to accompany him to the local resistance’s headquarters. They reveal they are looking for a former Knight of Tempus at the Luskan docks to help combat whatever is controlling the flesh abominations in Waterdeep and Phandalin. Aware of the new blights, Thaddeus reveals that the energy around those creations feels similar to the mutative energy that the Yinths and their compatriots were bringing over from the Feywild. Georgie points out that Glasstaff, Oberon’s doppelganger and a powerful necromancer, who was let go by the party, could be the one behind this. Thaddeus offers to scry on him while the party continues on with their original mission. Thaddeus tells them that the Yuan-ti keep a large portion of the enslaved people near the docks where this knight was last seen. A few veterans offer to distract some of the Yuan-ti guarding the docks. Lianna stays behind to speak with Thaddeus, lamenting how things could have turned out differently if the party hadn’t disappeared into the Feywild.

Along with the veterans, Oberon’s deck of illusions manages to distract several of the Yuan-ti, and the party is able to swiftly deal with the remaining. As Georgie kills one, Oberon’s patron Jikzhar reveals to Oberon that her new crossbow, inscribed with flame runes, adds to his power when she kills with it. Oberon takes a life for the first time, shocking Georgie, the only other one present from the original party. Dante finds the knight Barrion spoke of, who turns out to be his former captain Landar. Dante asks after his fiance Hildy, but Landar doesn’t know what became of her after the battle at Waterdeep.

Thaddeus and Lianna reunite with the party who are in the midst of trying to sneak the civilians past an engorged, sleeping sewer snake. Before it can do much, the party completely wreck it, but it does manage to submerge Dante in sewage, affecting him despite his holy immunity to common diseases. When they arrive back to the resistance’s headquarters, they speak with Landar who reveals that a man who looked exactly like Oberon (Glasstaff) approached his order of knights in search of a way to open a portal back to the Feywild, which the knights could do via an artifact of their order. Glasstaff must have taken it from their temple in Waterdeep. Landar also tells the party that any kind of consecration of the temple district in Waterdeep will take months of uninterrupted worship. The party first plan to take the civilians to the safe haven Duncan moved their people to in Triboar. Thaddeus reveals that this is also where his scrying revealed Glasstaff to be.

The party leave immediately via another of Jikzhar’s portals, for which he requests Oberon to make Sinda’narin’s new quarterstaff into a weapon similar to Georgie’s. As they step through the portal, Dante’s suspicions of Oberon are newly ignited. The party are greeted by the shocking sight of peace and happiness of which they are immediately suspicious. They reunite with Duncan who reports no sightings of Glasstaff. They realize Thaddeus must have lied to them, but at the moment, confronting Oberon’s demon is the most immediately achievable goal. Jikzhar speaks to the group through Oberon, revealing some of his goals are currently in line with the party although they know this won’t always be the case. Georgie wonders if Jikzhar can restore Oberon’s memories of the group, but he makes it clear he would want something in return. The discussion ends there as the party work out that they need to confront Thaddeus as soon as possible before the portal to Luskan closes. They rush back through. As they do, the portal’s magic affects Dante, transforming him into a hideous beast.

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