Age of the Necromancer Episode 5 Recap

Age of the Necromancer Episode 5 Recap

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  • Episode 5

As the party charges back through the portal to confront Thaddeus Yinth, they are surprised by a band of armed humans, ostensibly sent by Thaddeus, who attack viciously. The party is able to eke out a victory, but at different points, Oberon and Dante flee, irking the ones who remain. Oberon comforts a nearly emotionally broken Dante before they rejoin the party.

They search through the rest of Thaddeus’ base, which is now abandoned. Sinda’narin finds a small silver key, identical to the one Georgie found in her home in Waterdeep. She tucks it away while she and Lianna read through some of Thaddeus’ papers. They detail legends of a creature with power over life and death, a rival to the Yuan-ti’s snake god. Glasstaff (they assume) may have awoken her or channelled her power to create the abominations. Thaddeus goes on to express anger at the party for not aiding him in a rebellion against the Yuan-ti in Luskan. He also speaks of his desire to join with this unknown power.

While they rest, they finally have a little time to deal with the slew of curses that have been affecting them whenever they enter a portal. Oberon’s fiendish patron Jikzhar removes Dante’s deformity but also forms a pact with him in secret, although the rest of the party can clearly see fire course through him. Later, Georgie decides not to use the magical, fire rune inlaid crossbow in response.

The party makes their way to the center of town where a great battle has begun. Thaddeus along with a small undead army are winning against the Yuan-ti. Most of the party hide in wait while Lianna attempts to convince Thaddeus that he is mistaken in his alliance. When things turn sour, the party attacks, but Thaddeus is able to escape beneath the earth. They pursue down a tunnel, though Lianna is distraught. They are soon blocked by a huge obsidian door with a relief depiction of an all powerful woman smiting Yuan-ti. Oberon is able to blow open the doors, but he and Dante both hear a nervous Jikzhar in their heads. He whispers, “This is bad. We’re about to meet my ex-girlfriend.”

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