Amaurea’s Dawn

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Amaurea’s Dawn is the saga of a clash of worlds; one a high-tech world of machines and magic, the other a savage jungle world inhabited by shamanic Elven natives. The great city / state of Schlectenberg, a sprawling multi-level metropolis over 100 miles wide, has been ravaged their natural resources for generations and has finally reached a point of complete exhaustion. Unable to fuel the fires of progress, the ruling magocracy The Council of Three, after much toil, has opened a portal to a lush and verdant new world. This portal, known as Eternity’s Gate is heavily policed by the military, however, among those who want to escape the strangling smog of Schlectenberg, there have been a huge influx of military recruits intent on defecting once they are on Amaurea (the New World).


Lucien Kane (David) – a grizzled mercenary with a penchant for hunting big game, often serves as a guard on expeditions led by scientists and other more gentle folk. Level 1.

Ambrose  (Will) – an easy-going druid and beast master with a great stag who serves as companion and mount. Native Amaurean. Level 1.

Cenra (Sam) – A savage barbarian, a nomad mysteriously outcast from her Southern tribe. Native Amaurean. Level 1.

Leah (Sydney) – A cyborg arcanist nearly killed in a research experiment she was conducting and subsequently reassembled with mechanical aid. Level 1.

Session 1
The group is sent Northeast of Moondew Watch to find a scouting party which was sent out and never returned. Ambrose acts as the local guide while the master tracker Lucien picks up the trail of the missing scouting party. Winding deeper into the jungle, evidence from the trail shows signs of bloodshed and battle, ultimately the group finds a dismembered arm and one fewer set of footprints. It seems that some predator has hunted and dragged off the corpses of these soldiers. Making camp, they catch the glint of firelight on amber pupils in near the edge of camp, out of the dark, a pack of wild panthers leaps in for the kill. The next day, the trail seems strange and erratic in places and one set of footprints seems to vanish into thin air. A force the Amaurean Elves refer to as The Weave seems disrupted as the interconnected living network seems to be bursting with an energy of the same type that Ambrose taps into in order to communicate and control his animal companions. Standing far above the group in a distant clearing they can make out the figure of a small Elven child, mounted on an enormous wolf. The concentration of mystical energy from the Weave seems to move around and through her as a conduit.

Session 2

Ambrose gives chase to the mysterious Elven wolf rider but loses her in the dense jungle. Lucien attempts to pick up her trail but ultimately finds another trail, following it, they discover a nomadic and savage-looking Elven barbarian (Cenra) taking a nap under a well-shaded tree. Cenra agrees to join them in their hunt, while the tracker Lucien continues following the trail of this mythical and deadly beast. The party winds ever closer toward it, finding yet another soldier that appears to have been cruelly slaughtered by the beast. The jungle begins to give way to marshy swamp in certain areas and the group enters one such swampy clearing. Focused on the terrain, the group doesn’t even hear the silent and stealthy approach of their ferocious adversary. Cenra the barbarian is suddenly tackled face down in the swamp by a gigantic and prehistoric looking mutant winged tiger with elephant like tusks and various bony protrusions along it’s body. With a deafening roar, the beast begins to tear into the group. With a mighty swipe, Ambrose is knocked from his stag and Karen, his panther companion leaps to his defense. With legendary precision, Karen leaps for the creature and latches onto the it’s neck. When the tiger recoils, the panther’s iron hold severs it’s throat, instantly killing the beast.

Continuing the search, Ambrose begins to feel unwell, nearly falling off of his stag due to a sudden stroke of dizziness. Closer inspection by Leah reveals a snake bite sustained when Ambrose was knocked from his stag into the swamp. At the same time, alerted by the gunshots of Lucien, the group attracts the attention of the Amaurean locals who set in ambush upon the group. “Don’t move a muscle, you’re surrounded” comes a shout from the darkness accompanied by the sound of a bowstring being drawn taut. Frost and a blue magical energy dance along the arrow shaft Lucien is staring down. After much hesitation, the female Elven archer and her mysterious companion, agree to help the group get treatment for Ambrose back at their village, given that he is one of their own. As the hours wind down, Ambrose’s condition worsens and Leah’s fears for his life. In an attempt to help him the same way she saved her own life, Leah brings her circular saw to bear on the poisoned foot of the now-incapacitated Ambrose. Looking on in horror, the rest of the group watches her partially complete the job only to have Ambrose suddenly awaken, howling in pain. Ambrose immediately calls upon the healing power of The Weave and everyone is shocked to watch his bone and sinew suddenly knit back together. Inexplicably, Ambrose feels better, as if never poisoned. Continuing on their journey, the group finds themselves in a fog-enshrouded marsh. Writhing out their feet are black vine-like tentacles with cruel barbs that seem to be almost vampiric as they begin to siphon lifeforce out of our heroes.

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