Axja Tailhorn

Name: Axja Tailhorn
Player: Adriana
Details: Tiefling, Female, Mid20s, Assassin/Bard
Concept: Short Range spellcasting Assassin
Personality: Reserved and shy but blunt only speaking when needing to or what others are thinking before disappearing into the shadows one more.  She has always had a big heart but only to those who have shown it in return.  You only truly see her real self once a good amount of ale has entered her system.  She has always been observant since she was young and very fluent in some languages.  She loves to preform for others, it her moment where the world around her dissolves into the song, she can play the lyre and flute but she always prefers her fiddle.  She is willing to take in allies that will aid her in a successful mission but once crossed will carry your head on her horns.
Appearance: Axja is a tall female tiefling standing at 6’2″ with a very slender but muscular body.  Her facial features sharp yet soft with piercing purple eyes, her horns curled slightly forward before curling along her head holding her hooded cloak perfectly in place.  She keeps her face covered with a mask but you are still able to notice her sun kissed skin and her dark brown hair that hugs her face but goes down to the base of her tail.  She keeps her long thin 5′ tail wrapped around her body to keep it hidden. Under her thick cloak she wears her black leather armor that wraps tightly around her skin exposing her stomach and shows off the curvature of her body which has been more than useful for her assigned assassinations.
Abilities: Axja was born an orphan but raised an assassin.  The guild taught her to hide in plane sight and to disappear once seen.  They kept her educated in languages, the art of killing and intimidation.  It wasn’t until she was enrolled into College of Lore she began to pick up on a few spells that been helpful in aiding her missions.
Equipment: Backpack, daggers, rations, waterskin, disguise kit, thieves tools, fiddle, bedroll, candles, a pet mouse ,Cheeks, an Amulet left by my birth mother.
(this is all from the classes and feats from 5e that are given in the stats if i need to remove any please let me know )
Family and Childhood:  Axja doesn’t know of anything of her family but of her name. She was raised in an orphanage where the children have given her the last name Tailhorn which she proudly carried.  As loving as the orphanage was she grew lonely being the only tiefling there and going out into the city of Whitestone made it difficult for the people were not as accepting.  One day, while traveling the streets, ended up in the under ground thieves guild where they took her in and began her training.  Once she started bringing in gold, she gave it back to the orphanage and save some for herself in order to study the arts of a bard.

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