Big Updates to Encounter Roleplay!

Every Season on EncounterRoleplay is an opportunity for us to review the things you love most about the show, and make improvements to that experience for you. As I sit days before the new Season launches, I want to comprehensively note all of the changes that you can expect, and why we’re making them.

  • ┬áMore Shows than ever before.

This one’s a no brainer. We’re playing a wider variety of TTRPGs than we ever have before, and including non Actual-Play content such as interviews & character creation streams.

  • Higher production quality

We’ve made huge strides in our production quality for both live shows & podcast production, investing in a full scale studio & expanding upon our new infrastructure. We believe that we have one of the best looking and best sounding livestreams now!

  • All of our Shows are now uploaded as Podcasts

One central podcast feed will capture all of the Livestreams as Podcasts now. This is something we’ve been asked to do forever, and finally have the means to make this happen! If you’d like to support this cause, our Patreon covers the new costs & gives you week-early access to all of the podcasts.

  • Changes to Wild Magic Surges

As the channel expands & grows, we often implement changes to the Donation structure. Wild Magic Surges have been on the watch-list for a little while. They’re a major source of fun and a mainstay of what EncounterRoleplay’s shows are, but too many can slow down a game. Instead of increasing the cost of WMS, we’ve done the following:

  • Your Twitch & Patreon Subscription no longer gives you a Monthly WMS.
  • Instead, Subscriptions now count towards Viewer Decisions rather than new Followers.
  • Your $5 Patreon Subscription now gives you one week early access to the Podcast Livestream feed.

This immediately cuts out around 300 WMS per month, but still gives Twitch & Patreon subscriptions a meaning. We love the craziness of the Wild Magic, but we’ve heard the voices of those who believe it can get too much!

  • Character Artwork

The talented Nyvinter has created Character artwork for all of our shows, which will be displayed live on stream for all to see!

  • New Logo

She deserved a lick of paint, and Nyvinter has created a stunning new Logo for EncounterRoleplay.

  • Oh, also Leeroy Jenkins is a thing.

Because of course.



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