Brave New Worlds Episode 1 Recap

Brave New Worlds Episode 1: The Lost Colony of Longmarsh

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  • Episode 1

The party has been tasked with FINDING five legendary heroes who have gone missing on a mysterious new continent that the kingdom of the crown seeks to colonize and control.

Our adventure begins with a trial on the high seas. A pair of elves, ANDROMEDE and STEFANIA, have been accused of high treason and conspiracy against the crown. Our party of would-be heroes seek to determine the innocence of the elves, but fail to come up with enough evidence to support either claim.

The next morning they voyage to the new world, where they must overcome the harsh swamp land and lurking predators. To make matters worse they detect a planar shift: part of the swamp lands appear to be overcome by the SHADOWFELL. It is within this realm that they find the LOST COLONY SITE and are introduced to strange FISH-FOLK who seem to have some clues as to what became of the missing heroes. The fish-folk give the party a guide and protector, MOBO, smallest of the fish-folk.

During the dialog, a MASSIVE WOLF-SPIRIT descends upon the colony, summoning wolf-skin clad warriors who capture the party and take them to their lair. The party shares a cell with the dwarven man-at-arms, BORS, who served as a hireling with the MISSING HEROES. The elven party members find that they alone have been MARKED with mysterious symbols over their faces.

The party attempts an escape and blood is spilled in the LAIR OF THE WOLF-TRIBE. Outnumbered, the party has entered a PARLEY with the commander of the wolf-tribe military and her terms are clear:

“Give us the elves and all may live. Resist and all will perish.”

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