Brave New Worlds Episode 2: The Wolves, the Serpent, and the Temple

Brave New Worlds Episode 2: The Wolves, the Serpent, and the Temple

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  • Episode 2

With the Party held at sword-point, we follow the story of their lost ally, MAYA DE LAS NIEVES and her companion LUIGI THE RUM GREMLIN. We learn through her story that the wolf-tribe is a race known as the TYNDULFR, the LOST WOLVES. Humans would call them Half-Orc, though they claim an alternative divine origin as CHILDREN OF THE SILENT GOD.

Having ascended amongst the tribe to a position of power, she learns of the conflict occurring between the TRIBE and the PARTY and plans to intervene, mustering support amongst the village elders. While this is occurring, LAIRE SILVERTONGUE, bard extraordinaire, has fled the caves in pursuit of a fleeing adversary, but he is met by a garrison of tribe members returning from the hunt. Walking with them is GNAKK GRIMHOOK, another lost ally. In a confluence of conflict, an intense dialogue begins between Maya and the female commander-in-chief of the wolf-tribe. The decision is made that CHETAN, SON OF RAM, the tribal chief, shall decide the dispute between the party and the mysterious DEVI DHARA, who may not be exactly what she seems.

Despite having the side of truth and right on their side, the party is ordered to go down below the world and perform rituals in a GOLDEN TEMPLE OF LAW AND CHAOS. It is there that they meet OLD SNAKE TEETH, who can only be described as a snake in wolf’s clothing. He convinces Laire to perform dark rituals that bring down the WALL OF FIRE, an impenetrable defense placed by the Gods themselves to keep the SERPENT EMPIRE OF THE SOUTH out of the sacred lands. Despite the marks of doom and piles of bones around them, the party participates in a second ritual, this time transforming Snake Teeth into a massive feathered serpent.

In their darkest hour, MOBO and the FISH-FOLK return to aid the party in combat against this new foe. With its defeat, they learn that it will rise again, and events are already set in motion to bring about its objectives. The bones of OSLO BUSH, one of the Favored Five, are discovered, along with his journal, which explained that ALISTAIR THORNROSE had escaped from the tribe. The Fish-Folk offer to shelter the party in the UNDERDARK, but they opt to journey onward voyaging down the RIVER OF PAIN, until they eventually come upon THE BLOODGARDEN and THE TOWER OF THE WHITE-FIRE.

It is there that they meet two women, ELEONOR, who wears of a beautiful floral gown, and JULIETTE, who is armored head to toe. They take the party to their father for guidance, who has seen the adventurers they seek to rescue Their father is ARCHAMBAUD, the REGENT OF BONES. And we will begin next week within THE TOWER OF THE WHITE-FIRE.

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