Brave New Worlds Episode 3 Recap: The Regent of Bones

Brave New Worlds Episode 3: The Regent of Bones

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  • Episode 3

The adventure begins with the party gaining an audience with ARCHAMBAUD, the REGENT OF BONES. While the party is intent on finding ALISTAIR THORNROSE, the Regent prefers that they assist him solve a family matter. Archambaud reveals the DIVINE ORIGIN of himself and his daughters, they are in fact ASPECTS of a NEW PANTHEON that has come to the Earth.

They are willing to assist the party if they help spread their domain among the remnants of the TYNDULFR WOLF-TRIBE. The Regent of Bones reaffirmed that he would deliver the KEY TO THE WHITE GATE, the artifact required to enter THE ELDERMOUNT, the last known destination of Alistair Thornrose, if they could prove their worth through their deeds. The Party elects to SPARE the wolf-tribe, go as KNIGHTS of the AZURE ROSE, and establish a KEEP within the WILDERNESS OF THE BEASTLANDS and bring the MERCY OF ELEONOR to the Tyndulfr. To perform this Miracle they must appoint a leader and purge the tribe of the Serpent Menace.

While within the tower, LAIRE SILVERTONGUE, Bard Extraordinaire, found JASPER OF THE BLUE WIZARDS, one of the King’s FAVORED FIVE. Jasper refused to join with him and return to Tyr-Royale as he was undergoing deep study within the TOWER OF WHITE-FIRE with one NICODEME the SEER. It was then Laire activated yet another FOCUS OF POWER, this time summoning a dreaded FELL BEYONDER, a horror from beyond all realms that feeds on pain, terror, and destruction.

The party, Nicodeme, Jasper, The Knights of the Sacred Claw, and their companions Stefania, Bors, Mobo, and Luigi all managed to repel the HORROR FROM BEYOND after much effort. While journeying to cross the RIVER OF PAIN they encountered a group of DRAGON NATION PIRATES, who had INSPECTOR LEWNIS of the SEAGULL held captive. The party learned that the Seagull and her crew has washed ashore to the New World and were split up.

The party then entered a system of caverns and encountered an ETTIN arguing with itself. When they approached to investigate closer a swarm of DARKMANTLES attacked the party.

And so we will begin next week in a fight to the death against THE BEASTS BENEATH THE WORLD.

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