Breath of Gorr Launches to Kickstarter on June 26th!

Along the eastern realm of Fanria, war drums roll over the countryside. Rumor says that the orc god of feasts, Gorr, has ascended the banquet halls of the Yawning Hells and united the scattered orc tribes under one banner: the Skall Nation. Once a mass of disorganized war chiefs and city states, the orcs of Fanria now have the leadership to rise from their squalor and eradicate neighbors.


The Breath of Gorr is a Digital Boxless Module for D&D5E and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. It aims to include all you’ll need to run an Adventure, with everything except from the Box and dice! Players will take on the role of lavishly Premade Orc Characters (or create their own!) as they find themselves trapped on the ship, the Breath of Gorr!

Your players are about to board the Breath of Gorr, a hellish orc warship bound for the merciless Stryg Outpost. As the dungeon master, your job is to set up the adventurers’ potential obstacles, but unlike typical adventures, The Breath of Gorr comes with everything you need to start playing.



We launch to Kickstarter on June 26th, and plan to raise £2500 to fund the creation of our project. It will be available in PDF format only.



Will Jones – The Head of EncounterRoleplay, Will is managing the project and has been a full time D&D streamer for over a year.

Remley Farr – A Published Author and avid Roleplayer, Remley writes Fantasy Novels & D&D Modules available on the DMsGuild. He is the author of the core content in Breath of Gorr.

Sydney Shields – Community Marketing & Manager for Open Legend, Sydney is running the Social Media Campaign for the Project.

Ben Counter – Science Fiction and Fantasy author of several Warhammer 40k novels, Ben is also a gamer, miniature painting enthusiast and amateur actor.

Jay Tallsquall – The deep dulcet tones behind the Video, Tallsquall runs a Twitch channel for charity.


Flip Kasper – Flip is a talented artist and responsible for the Cover Image and Character Artwork within the Module.

Jupiter Wolf – Jupiter is a full time artist and runs an art blog, and is painting the fantastic landscape artwork for Breath of Gorr.

Louise Moore – Louise is a masterful DM & will be creating the beautiful World Map of Breath of Gorr.


As we’re launching on Kickstarter, of course when June 26th comes around you can support us by Backing the project with your hard earned loot! But right now you can help by signing up to our free Thunderclap. All you do is login via Twitter or Facebook and when we launch on June 26th, a message goes out to your followers with a link to our Kickstarter. Click this link to sign up.

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