PC: Brother Alduin

Name: Brother Alduin
PlayerTag: FlamingKilla
Details: Dragonborn, male, mid-80s, Monk
Concept: A close ranged melee flexible melee fighter and wise old guy.
TitlesThe Lightning
A draconic monk standing at almost seven and a half feet tall. The light catches on the top of the draconic figure’s metallic silver scales. His features seem almost more human than any Dragonborn you have ever encountered before, yet his blunt snout seem to almost dismiss this idea from your mind. His strong brow furrows as he looks over the crowd. His strong muscular stature with arms which seem to belong to a god and legs the size of small tree trunks are wrapped in well fit decorated clothes that of which seem to be akin to a cleric’s vestments. A silver tail protrudes from the rear of the clothes spikes coming out of the top of the tail all along its length ending in a sharp tip. As he scratches his right arm, you notice scars which seem to break his otherwise pristine scales. He raises his left arm to flag down a patron and you catch the glimpse of some sort of marking or tattoo.
Personality (traits, flaws, ideals, bonds)
Brother Alduin spent many years training tempering his body, making his strikes as fast as lightning, having on the rare occasion created sparks through the air. This earned him the title and nickname among his fellow monks ‘The Lightning’. He conditioned himself through hours of waterfall meditation, crossed mountains carrying weights back and forth. He will never betray Bahamut his Father and deity. Due to his ancestry he has an incredibly strong belief in the power of good and to oppose Tiamat in all and any way. Loves to gamble sometimes too much.

Unusual amongst the monks being that he mastered all of the master’s techniques at the young age of 10. After that he continued to train and develop his own techniques which helped form the lightning strikes he is now known for. However, despite his innate ability with the more combat orientated studies he struggled with the more passive bookwork that came with the life of a monk.

Doesn’t know birth parents as they gave him to the monk order as an egg to train because of a prophecy that was never told to him. Due to this he was raised as a child of the monks themselves amongst the other initiates and considers them his family now.

When he reached the age of maturity for the dragonborn order he was finally allowed to take on a task outside the temple. His first task was to go around the local area and help the villagers. Upon his return he was called to the leader of the order who looked very grave. At first he was scarred and then after the leader started to talk he brightened up realising he wasn’t in trouble. The leader set the task of finding a set of ancient scrolls spread across the world and even possibly the planes. These scrolls were said to detail a way to prevent the return of Tiamat, the evil dragon goddess, and the greater evil that was destined to come after. He was informed to not return until he had all 5 pieces of the scrolls, currently he has found 2 out of the 5.

Magic Item
Magic staff. Carved from a singular piece of knearwood, flawlessly intergrated at the top of the staff are the claws of a dragon holding a black gem. At the bottom of the staff is a black cuff, the image of a dragon wrapping itself around the staff enlayed in silver upon it. The cuff seems to be made of the same material as the gem. This claw has the ability to enhance Alduin’s attacks and with concentration can enlarge to make a sweeping claw attack in a 8ft cone in front of Alduin.

Abilities: Due to his draconic heritage Alduin can breathe a cone of icy air from his lungs, potentially freezing everything in a small area. He is also very adept at hand to hand combat having trained for many years with the monastery training, his strikes fast enough to occasionally create lightning around his punches. His training also honed and conditioned his body giving him above average stamina and strength.

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