Build it Yourself Map Kit: Free Download

Build it Yourself Map Kit: Free Download

by Ethan Hudgens    Twitter

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“Thank you for purchasing the Shantytown “Build-it-yourself” Kit! With our new “shoddy” building techniques you too can house your most vulnerable and destitute population!

You might be thinking “But I am not a city planner nor an artist! I am simply in this to profiteer off the weak. How can I build such a thing?” Do not worry! The poor are used to living like rats so you can simply pack houses so tightly together and let them figure out the rest! Without your intervention walkways will appear both below the wooden canopies and high above across rooftops and other unsafe traveling conditions! In truth, our patented ‘Quik-an-Easy’ technique will, over time, build itself as your citizens expand their quarters into each other and supply the things they need themselves to make their lives better. Just follow the guidelines here and start building your empire today!”

This map pack is intended to be used to build your own shanty-towns. Simply download and extract the zip-file, load the pngs into an image manipulator (like Photoshop or GIMP) or a digital tabletop (such as Roll20), place your pieces on the map in whatever configuration and you’ll have yourself access to battlegrounds for shady dealings, muggings and roof-top chase scenes in no time! The nonsensicalness often found in slums can lead to an interesting cluster of corridors, dead-ends and interlocking construction. Use doors to connect adjacent pieces together and planks and rooftops to reach over gaps. Add windows to allow for players to jump from one building to the next. Whatever your heart’s desire (assuming it’s shanty town related) I hope you can make it with this map pack

Have a configuration you are proud of? Show it off! Just tag me @superrobotbear on Twitter. I’d love to see the community’s creations.

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