Call of Cthulhu: The Drowned Isle

The Drowned Isle is a new Call of Cthulhu campaign coming to EncounterRoleplay on Tuesdays at 1pm EST. This is my third time running a Call of Cthlhu 7th ed. game, and I’m very excited to have written it with Twitch Chat in several writing sessions.

Here’s an excerpt from a diary the Investigators might stumble across….

“Nov 27th 1922: I have noticed strange claw marks on my door as I returned from a trip that was peculiar in itself. While scanning the treeline of the forest, I could have sworn that one of those trees began to move. I heard a queer growling from it, and immediately felt strangely uncomfortable, as though I was being watched. I have decided to stash my Revolver under a floorboard near my bed, so that I might be protected from any wastrels or vagabonds.

Nov 28th 1922: The clawing on my door gets louder each night, I hear voices more and more. I will return to the mainland flay the skin soon, my senses seem to be playing tricks on me, and my constitution is not as it was. Has someone been writing in my diary?

Dec 2, 1922: The Voices continue telling me to eat. The blackouts are flay the skin getting more frequent. I feel close to achieving my goal, though now that I think about, I can’t remember exactly what that is. My hand is sore and bleeding, I must have caught it on something. My fingernails are red with blood.

Dec Uncertain: I thought I saw that hag going to the forest late last night. I wish to follow, but something is holding me back, something intangible, but there.

at last the summons have come flay the skin the filthy skin and Edward knows what must be done”

A Map of Teuthida Isle. Credit to @Rozmere

You can read the full campaign notes for The Drowned Isle here, but beware, they’re full of spoilers!

Call of Cthulhu Campaign Notes



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