Call to Adventure: “Defying the Stars”

A Campaign Hook Written By: Dice Prophet

System: D20 Modern, GURPS

Setting: Post-apocalyptic Earth

It was another unremarkable day of the modern age. But one serendipitous evening, after gazing upwards to the skies, the world beheld an infinite blackness devoid of all stars. People began to panic, and jumped to whatever conclusions readily aligned with their personal beliefs. Scientists frantically scrambled to decipher the phenomenon, but all rational explanations eluded them. Without stars to guide them towards hope, people succumbed to the darkness within themselves, and humanity began to unravel. Over the years, the world fractured into sects of militant warmongers, religious fanatics, corrupt corporations, and greedy oligarchies. And then they came.

It began as whispers of impossibly-shaped beasts roaming the lands and devouring anyone they came upon. Then came the rumors of towering monstrosities razing entire cities. At first, these claims were easily dismissed as farfetched lies. But eventually, their sightings were too frequent, and the destruction they wrought was undeniable.

A plague of mythical creatures, born from the stars, had descended from the heavens to wreak havoc upon the remnants of a divided world. Among these cosmic abominations, the twelve most powerful ones bore the markings of the Zodiac. Their forms and agendas varied, but together they brought about an unprecedented world of chaos and magic.

Aries took the form of an armored titan wreathed in flame, and conquered all that laid before it. Aquarius emerged from the depths as mass of writhing tentacles, and dragged ships to a watery grave. Cancer, an armored leviathan, slowly crept across the world, snatching up and devouring all creatures it could find with its pincers. Capricorn, an amalgam of goat and fish, prowled the seas and lakes, furthering humanity’s renewed terror of the waters that once gave us life. Gemini, a great two-headed serpent, slithered through swamplands, swallowing people whole and condemning them to slow, agonizing deaths. Leo, a vicious lion carved from ice, coated its hunting grounds in a never-ending winter. Libra assumed the role of the messianic leader of a new theocracy, and unleashed its newfound nation to establish a new world order. Pisces made its appearance as a beautiful mermaid, but used its charms to enslave all that fell victim to its alluring form. The centaur Sagittarius kept to the forests and fervently protected them, all the while igniting an unprecedented ferocity in the natural animals of the world. The great and terrible Scorpio lurked underground, spreading its poison whenever it emerged from the earth to feed. The minotaur Taurus waited atop our greatest mountains, calling a great challenge to anyone that could defeat it in combat. And lastly, the gargantuan eagle Virgo claimed dominion of the skies.

It would appear that these signs would once again determine the fate of humankind, but this time in a more literal and active manner. Unravel the mysteries of the waring constellations and banish them back to the skies from whence they came. Challenge fate and reclaim the world for humanity once again.

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