Casting Call: Play D&D on EncounterRoleplay in 2017!

For over a year, EncounterRoleplay has been creating interactive D&D livestreams with an incredible cast & crew. This is your chance to join the cast and be a part of the experience in 2017.

Read through the information and then leave a Comment here or send an email to:

Of course, we aren’t getting rid of our current cast, and so the games I have open are on Monday & Wednesday every week at 1pm EST (Please Google your timezone conversion). Please let me know what availability you have each week. You are only required for one day per week eg. Wednesdays at 1pm. (If you are available at other times aside from these, please include these in your Application)

Disclaimer: The Games I run are streamed and primarily for an audience to watch and enjoy. The games involve audience participation which always make the games a lot of fun. Be prepared to be watched by a live audience. Drop by a stream sometime to see what I mean. If that sounds like it’s not for you, don’t apply.

I’m looking for cast members who work particularly well on livestreams – that means you have a good camera & webcam, an energetic personality and preferably some voice acting experience. I don’t care if you’re a pro-DM, player or a complete noob. Knowledge of the rules themselves doesn’t have a great deal of merit, I’m really looking for charisma and personality!

So here’s the format for the Application:

1.) Name, Age, Motivation for Joining the Show

2.) Webcam & Mic Quality (Name Make & Model)

3.) Availability – What Days you can make

4.) Tell me a bit about yourself. What do you bring to the (virtual) table? Any streaming/acting experiences are very useful.

If the Application isn’t filled out in entirety I likely won’t respond asking for the details.

Then just wait to hear back from me. I’ll probably be fairly slow to get back to you, so harass me on Social Media: is a good place to do that. Also Follow me on Twitch, I’ll like you at least 50% more Kappa:

Good luck with your applications!




12 thoughts on “Casting Call: Play D&D on EncounterRoleplay in 2017!

  • 16th December 2016 at 8:50 pm

    Hey so I would LOVE to do this but I’m not at home so I don’t know my make & model of my computer or camera…but! I want get my name on the list.

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  • 16th December 2016 at 9:03 pm

    Hi my name is Gillian, also known as Pixiegal12. I’m 19 years old, I am on EST time. My motivaton for applying is because you guys have so much fun on the stream and you really connect with the chat and that is really cool and I want to get that feeling as well.

    The camera I use is connected to my Lenovo laptop that has Microsoft 10 on it. I don’t know what brand my mic is, but the type is a G230.

    Since I will be on holiday break, my availability is over the roof, but around late January I will be retiring to school so my availability will depend on my schedule.

    I love D&D but I’m a bit of a beginner so I want to bring to the table the feeling of understanding to some people on how it’s ok to ask questions to the Dm and get a better understanding of the rules. I do indeed have acting experience since I have been in several plays and two musicals so I do have skills as an actor, for voice acting I recently got a role in a Halo machinima which is pretty cool so as I progress with this, my voice acting experience will get better. Please if you have anymore questions please ask and I will be happy to answer them for you.

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  • 16th December 2016 at 10:46 pm

    1.) Courtney Lewis aka Courtneylius, 25, I need more gaming in my life.

    2.) Toshiba laptop year 2014, don’t know the headset mic brand off top of my head (am working to upgrade systems before the end of the year).

    3.) I’m shooting for the Wednesday game though my schedule is flexible.

    4.) I’ve been playing dnd for about 5 years now, was initially introduced to 4e, soon after picked up 3.5, and began learning the team system this year. I am a writer and find character building/interacting to be incredibly simple and fun. I have some acting experience from college, being in 2 plays as well as being on the travelling drama team for 1 year. My streaming experience is small, haven’t done much on my own beside a few Let’s Plays and a few episodes of my own campaign, however that has suspended for the time being due to moving states. I join unMadeGaming for oneshots, ran my own campaign with them (also suspended due to moving) and will soon be joining them as a regular in a biweekly campaign.

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  • 17th December 2016 at 2:01 pm

    1) Matthew Carr, aka Flamingkilla

    2) Logitech G430 headset, Microsoft Lifecam model 1407.

    3) Wednesday game or Monday game….really any day apart from Tuesday 6pm GMT

    4) You know me Will 🙂 I have some of my own streaming experience on odd occasions, been on your streams a couple of times as well. I also can come up with great voices for my characters as I am sure you recall though no actual voice acting experience. I also used to do some acting at school and while teacher training, so I can probably use some skills from that to help out .

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  • 19th December 2016 at 1:50 am

    Name, Age, Motivation for Joining the Show
    Joey Castellanos, 28 years old, My biggest motivation for joining is to have fun experiencing something really new for myself.

    Webcam & Mic Quality (Name Make & Model)
    Webcam: Logitech c920 HD Pro Webcam.
    Mic: Blue Microphones, Yeti USB microphone.

    Availability – What Days you can make
    Unfortunately I get off from my work at 1pm, but I am available weekdays 2pm(est)-10pm(est). And on weekends SAT & SUN 10am(est)-10pm(est). If I could be useful for any of those times I will work it into my week. I can commit to one day. I’ve never streamed before and would like to gain experience doing so at a beginners rate!

    Tell me a bit about yourself. What do you bring to the (virtual) table? Any streaming/acting experiences are very useful.
    I really enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition! I’m the DM of my group here at home, and so I don’t actually get to play a character very often! I’m very fond of heavy narrative game play, and watching your videos on Youtube makes me excited to try to join in a game of yours!

    I do not have streaming experience as stated above, however I do have personality! I am often the entertainer of my group and they love how I get into character while I DM! I did acting in High School, and continued for several years in local community play! Improv acting/comedy is my best skill. And I’m not afraid to try a ranger of voices and tones! I usually play a Bard for these purposes, my favorite character I did get to play was Redfox, a half elf Bard who would sometimes break into different kinds of characters even when he doesn’t mean to. Had lots of good laughs from that at the table.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!

    -Joey Castellanos, “Redfox”

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  • 20th December 2016 at 6:12 pm

    Name: Christopher Bearden (prefers nickname ‘FroGG’)
    Age: 31
    Motivation: To enjoy playing DnD and other RPGs with those with similar interest and passions!
    Webcam/Mic: Havit HV-5086 / Sades SA-902 7.1 Headset
    Availability: Monday – Friday, 11 AM – 6 PM CST (exception: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 11 AM -5 PM CST)
    I use virtual tabletops because of a lack of interest persons in my area when it comes to RPGs or anything ‘geeky’ in general. I’ve been interested in RPGs and story games since I was in middleschool, and that love has grown since. I’m currently running a campaign on Wednesdays for a ZODIAC Final Fantasy RPG game (a free indie gamesystem), and am planning on running a second game using MajiMonster RPG game system starting next year. I’m currently playing in a Apocalyse World campaign.
    I don’t have much acting experience outside of random city-based plays and my own GMing, and my streaming experience is limited to mostly art streams and very few game and anime streams. I use Picarto and twitch mostly, but I have a few videos on Youtube of art streams I did.
    I’m a very creative person, as I am an artist, a writer, and a creator of various crafts and creatures. I look forward to a future in a career in art and animation, but it is still out of my reach.

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  • 20th December 2016 at 9:24 pm

    1) Joel Powell (Joe or Joel will do), 16 (probably 17 by the time i get into/get rejected), and i would love the join the show just because i love Roleplaying and would love for an opportunity to try out my skill on the interwebs!

    2) Webcam and Mic: PSeye camera (camera quality is ok and mic quality is ok as well, surprisingly)

    3) Mondays at 6pm GMT (1pm EST) or Thursday 6pm GMT (1pm EST) onwards

    4) I have been playing RPG games for about 2 years now and i’m loving every minute of it! My favourite system is D&D 5e and i’d say my 2nd favourite is A Song of Ice and Fire RPG just because of the RP. I love RP and i also love combat and would love a game that is a mixture of both and from watching the streams, i have seen that they have been a magnificent barrel of laughs and have had awesome fight scenes so i thought i might give it a go myself! I think that i could bring a nice (sometimes vulgar) comic relief to the party but i can also go into full RP mode in a snap of a finger. Dark, light, no matter the roleplay style, i can warp my character around it like a christmas present ready for you to open on christmas day only to realise your puppy you wanted is a turtle. Nontheless, i bring 2 years of experience, comic relief and a well exercised vocabulary efficient enough to create a very positive playing environment and (hopefully) a wonderful viewing experience. I am used to being on the internets as i have tried to run a youtube channel (got bored and i hate editing) so i have fallen back on writing on Twitch. I am currently in the middle of immortalising a game i used to be in. It was around a year ago so i can’t remember what it was called but it’s all about a Paladin who i rolled crap stats for trying to survive in exile.

    I hope that i havent bored you and i hope that i am good enough to be able to be incorporated in your awesome Twitch channel!

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  • 20th December 2016 at 10:56 pm

    1.) My name is Titus Brown, I’m 24 years old, and I want to join the show because I’ve enjoyed watching it for a little while now and I’d love to be a part of the fun, awesome narratives and experiences I keep seeing.

    2.) Webcam(s): Built-in: HP Truevision HD (backup cam) & Logitech HD Webcam C270 (USB-cam, yet to be mounted)

    3.) Availability – Monday and Wednesday both. I’m flexible.

    4.) I’m a fun-loving, sometimes serious, super nerdy dude. I bring fun, some experience with being dramatic, using different voices (been having fun doing that for years!) I’m the DM for Dei Terrae on Tallsquall’s stream every Sunday, and I enjoy trying new things (you won’t see me re-hash the same character every single time I play). I’m generally creative (I like drawing and singing) and I have TONS o’ fun roleplaying. Also, I follow you on Twitch, Twitter, AND Facebook. Kappa.

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  • 24th December 2016 at 10:18 am

    1.) Name, Age, Motivation for Joining the Show
    Kiraah. 22. I’ve watched the show and enjoyed the show. I always feel that if opportunities to make these types of spaces more diverse than I should take the time to apply for said opportunities.

    2.) Webcam & Mic Quality (Name Make & Model)
    Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 and a Blue Snowball USB Microphone.

    3.) Availability – What Days you can make
    I believe Wednesdays will be good for me.

    4.) Tell me a bit about yourself. What do you bring to the (virtual) table? Any streaming/acting experiences are very useful.
    I’m an Art student with screenwriting, production, and public speaking experience. I also am going to be starting a tabletop stream aimed at people/gamers of color to introduce them to the hobby and/or each other and play games together that will be on Fridays, premiering January 6th.

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  • 25th December 2016 at 12:22 am

    My name is Patience Buck aka Perimmaster525 on Twitch, I’m 23 and I enjoy being able to make people smile whenever I can.

    Webcam and mic is built into an Asus dual-core laptop with 5gigs ram, although if needed I can find a mic I can plug in and use (I.E. in an emergency or is requested by you).

    I’m available Monday and or Wednesday, really your choice as to which I do.

    I have no experience in VA but I can try my best to do different accents, and have been told that I sound british or have a slight Wisconsin accent although I’m neither.

    The main reason why I want to join is because I want to be able to continue making people smile and bring others further enjoyment in watching a group of people stream on a daily basis.

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  • 18th January 2017 at 7:08 am

    1.) Emily Nabutsu, 19. Motivation? I just like D&D. 😀

    2.) Webcam: My built in computer’s webcam. My computer is an Aspire E5-573G. The webcam is pretty good. For mic, I have a Logitech G930.

    3.) Well, it would all depend on the week and my work schedule. It’s lookin’ like I should be free sometime Monday afternoon and Wednesdays. I can always let the DM know the day I get my schedule.

    4.) I’m fun. I’m different. I bring weird characters that you don’t expect. While I only have a year under my belt, everyone I’ve played with has loved my characters. For 3.5, I had a Gypsy Mesmerist that could actually talk to the dead. For 5e, I had an evil Satyr bard who was Pan’s daughter. And now, for 2e, I have a Conjurer wizard who’s Strength(16) is higher than her Intelligence (15), and is..quite the character.

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