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City of Mist came to Kickstarter earlier this Month, and this Modern Day Noir RPG has already gone far and beyond its Kickstarter goals, unlocking Stretch Goal after Stretch Goal faster than you can say “Mythos”. Quite frankly it’s not surprising. City of Mist boasts some of the most visually stunning and uniquely styled artwork I’ve ever seen from any established Roleplaying game, let alone one which isn’t even fully launched yet.

City of Mist is a well polished, lavishly illustrated bundle of Roleplaying goodness!

The majority of Kickstarted RPGs need the funding for the Artwork costs, and yet Amit and his team have already managed to release fully playable and lavishly pictured Core Rules and Playbooks for free download. All that you need to play is already available without costing you a dime, and boy is it worth it.

Our 3 hour Playtest Session on Wednesday night was a delight. I’ve played systems Powered by the Apocalypse before, but getting the chance to DM a session in a Rules-lite and narrative focused game such as City of Mist was an amplified experience for me. The simple mechanic of rolling 2d6+ relevant Power “Tags” – things your character has experience with – allows for fast flowing narrative action. It’s a breath of fresh air from the combat grind that Dungeons & Dragons offers, and City of Mist excels because of this.


The feel of The City in which CoM is set is Secret World meets the Wolf Among Us; a place of great secrets and potential, hidden by a strange presence known as The Mist that hides the world in mundanity. It’s the Matrix without the pretension, basically. The Players are Gateways, a select few special individuals who have powers that they don’t understand. Thankfully this doesn’t play off in an XMen style fashion, as the world feels intimately gritty and real. For all intents and purposes, The City could be East Side London or Downtown Detroit; it doesn’t feel safe. Turn on some atmospheric Noir music, look out of your apartment window, and you could be within The City. This realism helps sell the possibility of unique and strange powers existing, and makes the Characters feel like real people and not just superheroes.

I’d highly recommend playing a session of City of Mist, and while this article is part of a Paid Promotion, I can say with all honesty that I had a lot of fun playing it, as did my player’s. 2 out of 3 went and backed the project after we played it, if that’s any barometer of it being a good time! I’ve been left wanting more, and I’ve found myself thinking about future mysteries I could run within it’s World. City of Mist is a well polished, lavishly illustrated bundle of Roleplaying goodness! If you were thinking of checking out City of Mist, you can find all of the relevant links below!

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