The Commands you can use in our Twitch Chat!

!roll Play a game of chance against Moldark!
!dungeon Risk your gold and your life in Moldark’s dungeon! Get a party together and go exploring!
!discord Join our Discord Server!
!play Want to join a D&D game?
!patreon Support the Show, Earn Rewards!
!level Find your next level requirement!
!give [Name] [Amount] to share your gold!*
!hours How long you’ve been watching the show for.
!tophours Who’s been here the longest?
!quote Hear a random quote from us!
!faq Confused by the Gold/Dungeon system?
!uptime How long have we been live for?
!game Find out more on the game we’re playing.
!gold Find out how much Gold and XP you’ve earned.
!schedule Find out when we’ll be playing.
!rules The rules for chat.
!donate Want to send us some loot?
!donger I bet you want to know.
!WillsDonger Now you’re really interested.
!sheets Find out the stats on the PC’s sheets