Court of the Elves

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Grant Ellis has played roleplaying games since 1993, when at age 11 he had to run a campaign for a group of surly high schoolers. After failing to have all the rules memorized within the first five minutes of the game, the group shouted at Grant and he ran home in tears. It was but a small obstacle, as he overcame the odds an hour later and has been running games for almost 25 years. He has been a special guest at comic and gaming conventions across the United States, sharing insight into adventure design, industry paradigm shifts, and good old fashion dice-slinging fun. An accomplished filmmaker, his work has been featured in over 35 festivals, and has worked on network and cable television series. When he’s not acting as an independent designer and dungeon master, he currently is a C-Suite Executive of a Manhattan-based analytics and education company.

James Haeck is an RPG designer with a particular love for Dungeons & Dragons. He is the co-author of the Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting with Matthew Mercer, the designer of several supplements with Kobold Press, and the co-author of a secret something for Wizards of the Coast. He lives near Seattle, Washington with two very sweet cats and his even sweeter girlfriend.

MadameGandalf has always been enraptured by the world of fantasy. Whether reading, gaming or roleplaying, Madame found herself swept up in the world of filmmaking, attempting to make her and other’s fantasies a reality. After adventuring around the world and moving between countries, Madame has found herself nestled in the land of Hobbits; New Zealand. Here she has delved in to the world of Twitch, eventually becoming a full-time variety streamer, allowing her to live out her dreams of entertainment and immersive fantasy.


Zippy_Zippo –   Streamer and Theatre Actor who is up for all kinds of adventure! Zippy enjoys creating characters and stories with all his fellow players as well as just having a great time! You can catch his stream on Twitch where you can watch him commentate on a variety of different games as well as play some community games.

Silthulhu – Hailing to you from New Zealand, Aotearoa, the land of hobbits and the haka, Silthulhu (aka Hanne) is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator by trade. She also dabbles in the occasional streaming of games and art on Twitch, and in her spare time she enjoys rolling dice and taking names, tinkering with indie game development, and crafting all the things. She can be found on Twitter

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