Curse of Strahd Episode 2 Recap

Curse of Strahd Episode 2 Recap

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  • Episode 2

Our Adventurers found themselves lost in the fogs of Barovia after a brief Origin Story with each Character. They were summoned by a mysterious woman who told them that the old ruler of this land needed their help. Confused, she showed them outside where a body was burning at a giant stake. Strahd von Zarovich, former ruler of Barovia, was dead. It was their task to help bring him back to power. Striking a deal with a demon known as the Winter Prince, the Party sought out a strange Doctor named Caesar Alucard who was said to hold the secret to bringing Strahd back to the world of the living. Dr Alucard betrayed them, revealing their location to the riders of the Child of the Forgotten.

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