Curse of Strahd: GM Prep (Spoilers – Ep. 6)

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Here are the notes from Will’s DM prep session that chat helped build!

There was a plague created by Baby Lysanga which infected this town, Lysanga. After they failed to help her with her own deformed child, Abigail, she sought revenge. The townsfolk were wary of the Witch and refused to help her. She then struck a deal with Strahd Von Zarovich in return for her loyalty. It affected the adults, causing them to fall sick and become unable to work. They were forced to send out their children into the fields of Lysanga and work in their stead in order to feed the town. Slowly the children became ill themselves and tied to the fields, unable to leave. As they died working, Baby Lysanga captured their souls/energy in order to grow her own children. Her children are the Scarecrows which feed on the souls of the children in their graves.

The Scarecrows are erected atop the shallow graves, and the corn roots go down below to leech off of the soul energy. Their bodies are made of straw but instead of heads they have crucified ravens instead. Below the surface of the Earth lies Baby Lysanga’s trueborn child – the one which the townsfolk of Lysanga refused to help before. She has stitched together different body parts of children to recreate a twisted version of her own.

Abigail is now a flesh golem, formed of different body parts of the children of the townsfolk and kept alive with a mixture of leaching the soul energy via the Scarecrows, and blood.

The Party are travelling, when they find themselves lost in green fog and mist. When they finally exit, they find themselves on the outskirts of a deserted town. All the houses are empty and abandoned, but there are skeletons here, but only of adult corpses. The town itself smells of death, there’s a wooden log used as a playpark by the children, and a defensive wall fallen down from decay. Giant tree in the centre of town, dead, with thousands of ravens perched upon it. Pungent smell of iron from the blood. Body of adult pinned to the tree with a wooden child’s toy driven into the heart, with a sign reading “Turn Back” upon it.

In one of the Houses they find a Journal of one of the workers from Lysanga. It explains the growing illness and plague which came after they stopped helping the local Witch “Baby Lysanga” with her own deformed child.

They find Journal Entries (see below)




They come to the Fields of Lysanga where Miles (child) hears another child’s voice crying out. Walking through the fields, they see the Scarecrows with the crucified raven’s bodies stitched on as a head. At the foot of one, lies a bloody, rotten teddy bear. They get the distinct feeling that they are being watched. Looking back at a scarecrow shows them that they turn to watch them move.

At the foot of each Scarecrow is a shallow grave, revealing slightly rotting bodies of the children. Arcana/Nature/Medicine checks reveal that there is some form of connection between the roots of the Scarecrows and the children, likely some some of parasitic bond.

Every time a Scarecrow is killed, they hear the agonized scream of a child.

The voice coming from below pleads to Miles to come and save her. She sounds young and in distress, and can show him to a cave entrance.


Encounter with Abigail the Flesh Golem and Baby Lysanga.

The cave entrance is strewn with children’s toys and discarded straw dolls. There appears to be only one way down and the tunnel itself is only 5 ft. high, meaning taller characters have to stoop and are at Disadvantage for Attack and Dex. based rolls. The dolls appear to turn to look at them as they walk past deeper into the cavern. Worms writhe underneath their feet and crawl through the walls.

Dual Personalities. One is her child-like form, the other is possessed by the Devil Strahd.

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