Curse of Strahd: GM Prep (Spoilers – Ep. 7)

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Here are the notes from Will’s DM prep session that chat helped build!


Handout – In the caves they find notes of their experiments pertaining to Miles from within the Flesh Golem.



The Ritual: Harvest of Innocence

They need to travel back to Barovia but they have no way of doing so. An Arcana check reveals that the notes which they find in the cave are a ritual which can teleport them back to the realm of Barovia.

Several of the ingredients lie around the cave, and those ticked off the list are in a cupboard nearby.

The Holy Water was previously acquired in Episode 6 from Dapper the Butler, Enryn carries it. Tears of a Widower are also in one of Enryn’s vials taken from the Dream Hags called “Mother’s Milk”. There’s a Vampire Spawn in the corner of the room, they can remove his tooth to get it.

The Tiefling eye can only be acquired through Diligence.

Alternative: the Tielfling girl trapped in the cage – already only has one eye from previous ritual castings. They can free her or take the other eye. If they kill her, she will haunt them!

Upon completing the ritual they are taken to Barovia to follow Baby Lysanga.


Flees to the Church in Barovia where Donavich the Priest is.

On the hilltop they see the Church where black clouds gather ominously. She begins to brew up a new plague to send out into the village of Barovia.

Scene of Baby Lysanga striking the Pact with Strahd – vision sent by Madame Eva. Baby Lysanga is teleported to the village of Barovia via the tree.

Attempts to slow the Party down with the corpses of the children in the fields.

They are still stuck in Lysanga however, and must find their way out back to Barovia. The big crucifix tree can take them back to Barovia.

This town has been infected by her plague and people are starting to fall ill. They can ask around for word of Baby Lysanga but no one knows where she is at this point. Donavich tells them that there have been many people falling ill in the village and a sickness has started to fester here. There are people in the Church whom he is caring for but they are getting worse.
Plague Spread
Plague spread through the water system, and if they follow the trace it leads back to the Church.

What happens to the Plague Victims?
Fatigue, bones weakened, skin lesions, bloated stomachs ← something comes out

Adults begin to behave like children. Playing children’s games, holding dolls, acting petulantly, haunting giggle. They hear childlike voices in their heads. They rely on Father Donavich as a father figure. They begin to take on the appearance of children the worse it gets.

At the peak of the disease, the victims are killed and give birth to unholy children with no eye sockets and deformed bodies with gaping mouths. These demon babies are hungry and alien-style rip out of their hosts, eating their way out. They become bloated when they eat. Relatively easy to defeat when born, but after a day they become much more formed and dangerous, intelligent.

Plague word bank:
Supprucating, pulsing, festering, gangrenous, writhing maggot ridden, seeping, oozing, fetid, blood laced sweat, rancid, gloppy ooze, pungent, undulating, effervesce

Baby Lysanga’s Location
Baby Lysanga is in the attic of the Church, creating her plague from the rafters.

She herself is greatly wounded and weakened, relying upon the Demon babies to defend her while she stirs her cauldron.

Plague Affects PCs
The Players are not immune to the plague, and begin to show symptoms. They have already been infected during the Encounter.

Diligence and Enryn in particular is weak to this, being adults.

They start to have childish impulses, behave like children and start to become bloated themselves the longer this continues.

The Water System
Upon inspecting the central well in Barovia, going down shows that the supply is fetid and stinking and there is channel which can be traversed which leads back to the church.

In this tunnel they are visited by the creepy girl again (Abigail, before she was a Flesh golem) and Insanity checks ensue! Also the dead boy Johnny and sister Sarah from Ep. 6 arrives to haunt them.


1-2 Starts to hum creepy child lullaby
3 – 4 Fear of the Dark
5 -6 Fear that your parent is going to abandon you
7- 8 Tries to engage Party member with a child’s game
9 – 10 Strong impulse to move around at child’s height.
11 – 12 Intense craving for sweets.
13 – 14 Loss of impulse control.
15 – 16 Crying uncontrollably/tantrum
17 – 18 Intense giggling/random laughter
19 – 20 Imaginary friend appears, tells them to do bad things.


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