d10k Wild Magic Surges!

Since the pre-release teaser of D&D 5th Edition’s “Basic Rules” prior to the full launch of the PHB, players and GMs alike have been loving the Wild Magic Sorcerer. More than any of its other abilities or features, the new Wild Magic Surge Table has got us in a frenzy of excitement. Heck, I enjoy it so much I encourage players to take on a 1-5/20 chance for it to occur in exchange for a few extra sorcery points per level just so we can see it happen more often!

So, if you also love this class option then you’ll be happy to hear that someone has put together an expanded list of Wild Magic Surge results. And when I say expanded, I mean really, really expanded. Check out the link below for WMS Table of 10,000 (yes, ten thousand) possible results! Thanks to Traykon for the labour of love!


Here’s just a sampling of some favourites:

  • 0001: Half of caster’s body turns to stone.
  • 4114: All items carried by target turn to water.
  • 6133: Target struck as by Magic Missile each time he hears his name.
  • 6275: Target thinks he is drowning.
  • 8012: 1 mile radius suffers uninterrupted night for 1 week.
  • 8046: 1 random female nearby exhales smoke whenever she tells a lie.
  • 8132: 1 random male nearby falls to dust but reforms if water is added.
  • 8374: All birds within 1 mile attack anyone near them.
  • 8439: All cows within 1 mile gain human intelligence.
  • 9314: Nearest 500 lb stone turns to diamond.
  • 9844: Nearest sea level rises 10 ft.
  • 9984: Tremendous riots crumble the nearest town to ruin.

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