All Day Long Giveaways

For theĀ 24 Hour D&D Stream, we’ll be Giving away loads of RPG books, Steam Keys and a GM Screen! Every 3 Hours after each Game we’ll be holding the Giveaways, so you’ll have to be watching the Stream to be able to enter! Here are the Prizes, to be given away at any point during the day!

Remember, the 24 Hour Stream begins 8am EDT Saturday and continues the rest of the day! You can watch it here.

  1. Honour RPG Softcore Book
  2. Shadows of Esteren Softcore Book
  3. Open Legend Core Rules Hardback Book
  4. Open Legend Amaureas Dawn Hardback Book
  5. Steam Key Bundle
  6. Curse of Strahd Hardback Book
  7. Call of Cthulhu Investigator’s Handbook Hardback Book
  8. Call of Cthulhu GMs Screen

Best of luck folks, be sure to tune in and support some great Charities tomorrow!



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