The Domes of Ishaq-Zahur

Traps! Deserts! Mummies! Traps! Ancient evil! Traps! The Domes of Ishaq-Zahur module is the perfect excuse to break out those old Tomb Kings miniatures that you forgot you had, because it’s time to kick open the ancient tomb of the Priest-King and see what’s inside.

The Domes of Ishaq-Zahur is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition/Pathfinder compatible module created by Jonathan Kelly and Steven Gordon of 2CGaming, and though it is in its alpha stages, the Encounter Roleplay team has early access to the module.

The first chapter opens up in the sprawling bazaar of Archensheen, a massive city on the edge of an even more massive desert. The PC’s are approached by a gibbering gnome archaeologist to venture out and explore the three dome-shaped tombs of the Nartheneen Priest-Kings. What follows is a series of encounters reminiscent of an Indiana Jones adventure, though Dungeons and Dragons veterans might have flashbacks to the Al-Qadim campaign setting from the 2nd edition. Either way, if themes along the lines of Prince of Persia or The Mummy are your fancy, then 2CGaming’s upcoming module is the perfect scratch for your itch. Also, there are traps!

Not the Admiral Ackbar kind of traps—the !@#$ the rogue kind of traps! A quintessential trope of digging through ancient pyramid-esque settings is hoards of traps, which are ready to throw your party down slides, drown your party in sand, and punish your party severely for not solving a riddle in time. 5th edition D&D needs some more traps in its repertoire (especially when DM’s are only given the small sample of traps in the Dungeon Master’s Guide), so digging through the three domes of the Nartheneen is bound to make every square dungeon tile a potential saving throw.

Another interesting bit of mechanical flavor comes from the monsters. Several encounters have “stages” for the monsters, meaning that the monsters swap up their play style when their HP hits a certain level. This spices up the fights and adds a sense of “And now for my final form!” to the encounters. Also, there are difficulty levels you can adjust to tailor your min-maxing party of goblin stompers because… well, face it, you want to murder all those PC’s.

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