Don’t Open That – Shocking Maze

Don’t Open That – Shocking Maze

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By Craig Simpson    Twitter

Hello and welcome to another ‘Don’t Open That’ article! Hopefully you all enjoyed the statue upgrade I made last time. This time I will be tackling something quite different. As I have mentioned before, I will alternate between making my own traps and upgrading traps that are already available.

So, this week we will be looking at making a maze with a shocking twist. It works by having a 6×6 room (you can actually increase this to any dice by dice room, so 8×8, 10×10 and so on). There are invisible walls that prevent a character from walking in to a given square, so they must find the right route (there may be more than 1 correct route, there may be dead ends. This is up to you).

The Shocking Maze

I hope you enjoy this trap room. Until next week – Don’t open that!

– Craig Simpson

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