Don’t Open That – Statue Upgrade

Don’t Open That – Statue Upgrade

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By Craig Simpson    Twitter

Hello and welcome to another ‘Don’t Open That’ article! I hope you had plenty of fun with the previous trap (and I hope your players survived!). This week, we’re going into the workshop to upgrade something that is already in the DM’s guide.

This week’s trap that is due for an upgrade is the Fire-Breathing Statue. I am sure most of us have been caught in the flaming cone on occasion, but we all survived to tell the tale. Right? So how about we up the ante. Once again, I’ll be using Homebrewery for the PDF that is free to download. Here is a breakdown of the things that I will be adding to this trap:

  • An extra pressure plate

  • Increasing the DC, lowering the damage

  • Turning platform

  • Different saving throws

  • Crit miss shenanigans

Statue Upgrade – Craig Simpson

Adding another pressure plate allows you to double-down on your trap which means twice as much fun! I wanted to include the turning platform so that players would have to remember what position the trap is in, which will help (or hinder) their escape. By increasing the DC, it is more likely that the players will be unsuccessful in disabling or noticing a trap, to compensate for this, decrease the damage so they can take more hits. Adding a variety of different effects and saving throws means that each member of the party will face their own challenge, if all of your traps require Dex saving throws, your rouges will leave unharmed and your wizards might be dead! Our aim is to make traps that are fun for all the family! Finally, I really like the idea of making your players suffer for rolling natural 1’s and rather than simply failing, adding a bonus effect will make the experience very memorable.

I hope you find a way to add this to your game and I look forward to hearing how it goes horribly wrong. Until next week – Don’t open that!

– Craig

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