Don’t Open That – The Laughing Gnome Statuette

Don’t Open That – The Laughing Gnome Statuette

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By Craig Simpson    Twitter Website

Hello everyone! Welcome to another ‘Don’t Open That’ article. I hope you all enjoyed last week’s trap and you didn’t kill your whole party with it. This week, we’re going to try something a bit different. Ethan  suggested that I make a curse of some kind, which is a really good idea. So, thanks to Ethan, may I present to you – The Laughing Gnome.

Laughing Gnome Curse

Once again, I’d like to thank HomeBrewery for their fantastic site and for making my crazy inventions look good!

I hope you enjoy this and have as much fun with it as I am going to! Take care my friends and until next week, don’t open that!

– Craig Simpson


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