Doors to Darkness


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LaughLoveLindy – Lindy loves to dance, travel, play videogames,and snuggle cats! She runs her own D&D Channel on Twitch here.


RedundantUK – Redundant is a Welshman whose voice is like audible porn. He runs his Gaming channel on Twitch here.

 Pruitt –  Pruitt is the Right Nerd of WebDM on Youtube.


Gregory Stangel – Husband, dad, writer, DM, director, and Huckleberry. Solves problems the ’80s-Way’…with John Carpenter dialogue, a Kenny Loggins soundtrack and a toy line. Find him on Twitch here.

Donathin Frye – writes comic books, acts on stage, produces podcasts, slings old man cocktails a couple of nights a week, and designs giant soul-crushing monsters for fun. You can check out his many stories and projects at Patreon here.