PC: Ebrus Ibrestae

Name: Ebrus Ibrestae
Player: AnAverageRogue
Warlock/Monk, Tiefling, 17, Male

On the more human side of Tielfings, He has back hair, Which towards the ends of each strand becomes gray, then white. Both his eyes are a deep silver, and he has a fair skin tone. sticking out through his hair from the sides of his head are sharp horns, looking to be newly grown. He wears a worn winter cloak, underneath a tattered white tunic. He also wears tattered traveler pants, with plenty of bits and bobs in the pocket.

He carries a few bottles of Alchemist fire, Some healing potions, and a shortsword.

Personality & Concept:
He’s secluded and paranoid, not paying attention to much that goes on around him. He’s a new blood Tiefling, who travels randomly, a self-taught fighter, and a wannabe alchemist.

Orphaned, The only thing close to family that he has is the other monks at the monastery he was taken into.

An orphan from a nomad clan, He was taken into a monastery, where he grew up, being taught and taking on small jobs, to help the monastery that was giving him food and board. At 15, he decided to take on an exorcism job, in which a little girl was possessed by a demon that was plaguing the children of the small town. He took a last minute decision, in which he made a pact with the demon, ending up plagued by it himself, becoming paranoid and soon, becoming a Tiefling after the demon began to change body of its host, to better fit its needs. and retracting back from his other monks, before completely leaving the monastery, with little to his name.

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