Encounter Exploration – 5e Travel System

Encounter Exploration – 5e Travel System

They say the story is in the journey, not on the destination. Need to spice up your travels?
by Stryder Heap    Twitter

Download: [google-drive-embed url=”https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0BzN608pP0F8CM1RNLXM1ZnFvblE&export=download” title=”Encounter Exploration – 5e Travel System.pdf” icon=”https://drive-thirdparty.googleusercontent.com/16/type/application/pdf” style=”download”]

The following rules are a “plug-and-play” expansion on the traveling mechanics of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. These rules can be used in any campaign, pre-existing or homebrew. Please note however:

This is less of a traveling mechanic and more of a standalone game in and of itself.

In fact, there can be entire campaigns focused only on traveling.

These rules were inspired by the six-sided-dice games played in Japanese Roleplaying Cafes. The biggest difference between these Japanese “Table-talk” games (J-TRPGs) and Dungeons and Dragons is the Dungeon Master. More accurately, in the case of the J-TRPG, the lack of any Dungeon Master. The focus of these J-TRPG’s is storytelling; storytelling above all else. The players all work together to create the world they are in, as well as the challenges that they face, the monsters they slay and even the loot they find.

These stories, more often than not, are light-hearted in nature. These rules can be applied to a game of darker tone of course, at the DMs discretion.

These rules have been created to work in a classic D&D environment, with a DM as usual. Taking inspiration from the J-TRPGs, the following rules aren’t focused on finding loot piles, or rolling hordes of dice to take down another pack of wolves. Our primary directive is to add fun and storytelling to the often overlooked traveling phase of the adventure.

The first section will briefly touch on each mechanic and define some important vocabulary. The second section includes tables for either randomly rolling your own traveling adventure, or picking and choosing your favorite parts. Lastly there will be an index of all the tables used: a cheat-sheet for the DM.

Read & Download here: Encounter Exploration – 5e Travel System


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