Elements – The Sky-Twin Lakes

"You ever swim in the twin-lakes? Something about them makes your bones tingle and your soul lighten. And I swear that my skin sparkled for a week."

Nestled in between the misty peaks of the Ralheigup lie two lakes, each forming a perfect circle of equal measure. Long ago it was believed that these two lakes were formed by the falling of two Sky Children known as Ahstar and Buhstar, whose heavenly bodies formed great craters. Over time the deep holes filled with the melting of snow and the waters remain warm even in the middle of the harshest Winters. The lakes are nearly a mile deep at their deepest point, and most local divers spend their lives in pursuit of the depths. The waters are potable and mineral rich, and many travelers find the taste not unlike “the color trapezoid” as famously quoted from the Great Wizard Alphonze.

A small town has formed at the edge of these lakes known as Stjarna’lendir. It mostly survives on the local deer and rabbit populations, a few carefully tended star-berry groves (which are similar to blackberries but with a hint of carbonation) and the unusually large and sparkling fish who live in the warm lakes known as Bubblefish. Many of the residents dive into the craters, whose walls offer nuggets of strange metals that naturally grow in fractal-like patterns until picked. When forged this metal is as strong as steel and offers protection from the local fey spirits. They trade these weapons with towns further down the mountain for essentials and curios from the lowlands.


Star’s Landing has several issues that afflict them.

The local wolf population has become increasing violent and possess light based magics, making them very dangerous to travelers who carry essential supplies.

Fey spirits are agitated by the existence of the strange lakes and are constantly making ineffectual plans to destroy them.

Some of the fishermen have begun to claim that the Bubblefish can talk and are conflicted with the thought of eating them, essentially removing a large source of the town’s food.


Notable Figures

Andrea Ulfursdottir. Leads the local hunters and naturalists and is always considered in major town events. De facto leader of the community. Enjoys drinking, swinging axes, and intense conversations about the romantic rumors of the lowland royalty.

Sevrrir Olvirsson. While most of the village agrees that there is not magic in the waters of the Sky-twin lakes, none can deny that Sevrrir has tapped into some divine source offered by them. Capable of performing miracles and seeing the future, Sevrrir can often be found meditating in the cliffs overlooking the lakes, or occasionally sitting in their depths, much to the surprise of the divers.

Brynja Jóhannsson. No one knows where young Brynja obtains the wheat for her breads. They are afraid to ask. But her breads are always warm and delicious and considered a boon to the town. Her bakery is one of the most successful businesses in town and often sought out by travelers. Something prevents her bread from leaving Star’s Landing, which instantly molds and rots less than a mile down the road.


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