EncounterRoleplay is Hiring! Website Manager & Video Editor Positions (Filled)

Both of these Positions have been filled, thank you for your applications and interest, I was blown away by the Talent. I look forward to future Positions that will open up in the Company over 2017.

EncounterRoleplay is a TTRPG Entertainment group focused on interactivity & fun. With the main platform based live on Twitch  and having grown over the course of a year going solo, I’m excited to be expanding. With a collective social media following of over 20,000 RPG lovers and a core community of amazing supporters, this is a great chance to be a part of EncounterRoleplay.

I’m looking to hire two new people to join the company and invest their expertise and time into making this project even more successful than it already has been. There are two very distinct roles which I’m looking to fill. Both will be Casual work only. These positions would be perfect for a young person looking to begin a career in Media, Communications or Video Editing. The tasks involved are not intended to be too time intensive, and thus do not meet enough hours per week to be considered part time employment.

Website Manager

This Position will begin at the start of 2017. The Key Skills which I’m looking for:

  • Knowledge of Website Management, specifically WordPress.
  • The ability to lead a team of writers & manage projects.
  • Knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, along with other TTRPGs.
  • The ability to write D&D based articles to a high standard.

Video Editor

This Position will begin as soon as possible. The Key Skills which I’m looking for:

  • The ability to quickly edit large amounts of footage to a reasonable standard.
  • The ability to upload videos to Youtube at a reasonable speed (fast internet)
  • Access to high quality editing software.
  • The ability to consistently meet deadlines.

If you have the skills required to fulfill either position, and want more details on the positions available and information on pay, please email in to: contact@encounterroleplay.com

Please include your Résumé and a Short Paragraph on why you are qualified for the position. Expect a Reply within 48 hours.


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