Enter the Ninth World

Enter the Ninth World streams live on Twitch Mondays, 4-7pm EST.

Magsimus and Delemir have awoken in a strange mechanical vessel. The ground is covered in a maze of semi-organic piping and fluids, and strange hissing and humming sounds echo in the distance. Nearby, through a small transparent portal, the group can see what looks like their planet below them, and a portion of the gargantuan orbiting structure they’re trapped inside of. Meanwhile, Seto and Neomie are left at the ruined site of the Amber Monolith, wondering where their friends have gone and how to reach them.


Seto Yoshuan (Will) – A Graceful Glaive who Masters Weaponry
Magsimus (Josh) – A Mad Nano who Employs Magnetism
Delemir (Mythematic) – A Mutant Nano who Works Miracles
Hextus Crown (Mike) – A Clever Jack who Works Back Alleys

Session 1
Seto left Neomie with Drecon, a famous machinist who lives just outside of Naverene’s capital city. After being teleported to Calram with Drecon’s help, Seto receives one last message from Jeckly’s data-spirit: “Calram is infected […] it’s machines are fighting for control over its biological parts […] fear the machines […] fear Mozsk!” Meanwhile, after wandering the bowels of Calram, Magsimus and Delemir are discovered by Hextus’s scouting party. Hextus, a local who was born on Calram, belongs to a group of tribes that live inside the great creature. While being led back to Hextus’ tribe, the group finally run into Seto, who arrives just in time to help fend off a group of ravenous machine eaters – mechanical dog-like creatures with a ravenous hunger for numenera.

Session 2
After fending off the machine-eaters, the party investigated the creature that was initially being attacked. They found a strange malformed mass of disparate machine parts, somehow animating in an attempt to form a body. When Hextus got too close, the mass of machines lashed out at him and collapsed in on itself. After scavenging cyphers (and an artefact!) from the mechanical corpses, the party continued on along the spine. Soon after, “the Mantle” caught inside Calram awoke prematurely, forcing the party to sprint for their live! While they all survived, Delimir was once again mutated – into a mirror image of pre-iron wind Maximus! Putting this strangeness aside, the party continued forward to Hextus’ village, The Ladder, where they began to consult with the Elder (Kim Turry). Elder Kim told them that there was, indeed, a chance to get back to earth, but that it would come with a difficult choice involving the Calramites and Mozck. The party still has many more questions!

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